This is an exciting option for anyone looking for a noise-free listening environment or a way to enhance television and movies. It’s a practical device that also offers the luxury of incredible audio performance for video and music. You’ll love the way it combines a comfortable feel with a user-friendly interface to make wireless entertainment as easy as possible. After a long day at work there will be nothing better than plopping yourself down on the couch and plugging yourself into your favorite forms of media. Whether you want to re-live your favorite television series on DVD or thrill yourself with the latest sci-fi action flick, these are the headphones for the job. Pioneer has come up with a winning product, and if you can afford the hefty price tag you’ll be in for home audio heaven.

One of the problems with wireless technology in the past has been in compatibility with other devices or a general weakness in signal. You don’t have to worry about that with the Pioneer SE-DIR800C because it is a multipurpose device that will integrate perfectly into your entertainment system. It will connect to any 5.1 channel source including DVD players, satellite receivers, digital cable boxes and even game consoles. The ability to use it across devices adds true value and as long as you don’t require online communication, there’s no reason why you can’t use it as a gaming headset either.

In terms of the transmitter and signal strength, you’ll enjoy up to 26 feet range of motion and that should be more than enough for any standard entertainment room. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting upside down or sideways in the corner, these headphones are designed to work under all circumstances. That really comes in handy for longer movie-viewing sessions because you can adjust your position and move around freely without interrupting the action. When you add in the fact that these headphones are incredibly comfortable, you can be assured that listener fatigue won’t be a factor.

This great product not only intensifies sound, it has a level of nuance thanks to Dolby technology that is layered throughout the system. There are also five virtual speakers contained within each headset that will give you an immersive feel while giving you a stunning dimension of sound that complements big-screen TVs perfectly. One of the best features of the Pioneer SE-DIR800C is the virtual room capability that essentially re-creates different types of listening environments with the touch of a button. For example, if you want to feel like you’re watching a movie in a theater then switch over to the “small room” setting to simulate that experience. On the other hand, if you’ve got a brand-new classical music CD and you want to feel like you’re listening to it in the middle of a concert hall, the “large room” setting is going to make your audio dreams come true. You have the ability to customize according to your preferences and everything is handily laid out so you don’t have to fumble around with controls to get the settings you like. This onboard volume control combined with completely wireless technology means you might never have to get up off the couch ever again.

The only downside to the Pioneer SE-DIR800C is the hefty price tag which might be beyond the average budget. At the same time, if you can come up with a way to afford this model you’ll be rewarded with something that excels in every key category. You’ll rest confident in the fact that you’re getting one of the best products on the market while being able to enjoy a level of sound that cheaper headphones cannot offer. This is also the type of device you can buy comfortably while being assured you won’t have to upgrade anytime soon. Overall, this is an example of how great home audio can be and definitely worth a look if you want to take your entertainment room to the next level.

This look at the Pioneer SE-DIR800C comes to us from our friends at who are true fans of home entertainment, audio, and all the fun wireless headphones for TV has to offer.

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One comment on “Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones for TV with Dolby Technology

  1. I am thinking about buying a pair of these headphones. Do I need to connect it to a receiver or some other kind of 5.1 audio source to get the surround sound effect or can I just connect it to the optical out line in my lcd tv and get the same result? I would like to be able to connect my xbox 360 and boxee box to my tv via hdmi and then just connect the optical cable of the headphones receiver to the tv, but I’m under the impression that I’ll only be able to get an analog signal instead of a 5.1 digital signal since tv’s by themselves don’t support 5.1 audio. Is this correct?

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