I am using Lenovo laptop with Windows Vista. The wifi access in this laptop is not much user friendly. It is not possible for a novice user to connect a wifi network without much hurdles. The lenovo laptops are packaged with a wireless management tool called Think Vandage. You can see the application when we start lenovo care application. The application is not at all user friendly. But my point of discussion is the process involved in connecting your lenovo system for point to point wifi access.

Where comes point to point wifi access?

This kind of wifi networking can be done with your system or laptop. The only requirement is your system / laptop does have wifi card. We don’t need a separate wifi router to serve content to other system(s). The connection is point to point, that is from one system to other system. You can even share internet connection to nearby device using point to point network.

The process involved in connecting to point to point network.

The first process involved is double click on the computer icon shown on your desktop toolbar.

On the new window which is “Access Connections” click on the Locations menu and select the menu item Create New Profile... New window will open which contain information needed to add new profile.

Enter a name of the location profile(which might be some dummy name like PtoP or Sythoos). Select the network connection type as Wireless LAN 802.11. Click on the next button. On the next window enter Network name (SSID), this is the name of the Point to Point network. Another way to find the SSID is to search network(Click on the Find network button). Select the connection type as Adhoc.

Click on the next button. The next window is the setting window. Click on the TCP/IP setting and add IP address of same class in the Point to Point network. If your network server is something like then you can assign an address to Enter subnet mask as and default gateway as the IP address of the system that serves internet / main system.

Check out the TCP/IP setting below. Don’t forget to add DNS Server as the system that serves internet.

I know the procedure is not much simple, although we can’t do anything rather than following the procedure. It’s Windows Vista we need to do a lot to configure even simple things.

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