Iamatechie always believes in wireless enabled innovative ideas and its experimentations. We proudly announce “how to make your car WiFi enabled with an internet connection so that you can access internet whereever you go“. We are starting the post series which describes and demonstrate how we changed our Chevrolet Optra to WiFi enabled car.

Initially we started experimenting with a GSM/GPRS card and phone for internet connection from AIRTEL, which was pretty slow. But we moved to a 2Mbps EVDO BSNL connection now which is also cheaper wireless connection available in India for an amount 550INR monthly rental.

We are now experimenting with a laptop and linksys router (wireless access to nearby devices). But we are planning to do with single board computer instead of laptop so that we can avert plug and play procedure for internet connection every time.  Now a days size of the single board computer is very less. Even the single board computer available within the size of a thumb drive :-) .

I guess all of my readers will participate for this experiment so that within couple of days we can bring our car Wifi enabled. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate for this experiment. Enjoy reading !!!

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

5 comments on “Post Series :- How To Make Your Car WiFi Enabled?

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  3. Hari K T on said:

    Superb man ……..
    Have done a good job . Interested to see some of the great posts like this.
    Have a great day and all the best . Bye .

  4. Some of you may have noticed a change in user interface . Yes I am changing the CMS from Joomla to Drupal. I don’t want to miss many of the indexed search results of google and any other search engines . So it may take some time to make this site fully functional. I just removed my old site . Keeping a screen shot of it below .

  5. Sushil on said:


    Can you let me know how you got the car wifi enabled, without the laptop. I liked your idea very much.

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