Power inverters are amazing pieces of equipment whose purpose is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is the type of power that is supplied to your home for everything from refrigerators to computers to lights.

Whether you are planning ahead for a possible power-outage and want to keep electricity-dependent systems or devices functioning in your home or whether you simply have plans to take a camping trip with friends in the middle of nowhere, power inverters of all types can keep the comforts of home, literally, at your fingertips.

Power Inverters—The Perfect Solution For Every Electric Need

Here are some interesting applications that wouldn’t be possible without the intervention of power inverters

Power Inverters for Cars

Yes, you can use power inverters in your car to power anything from a TV and a VCR to Xbox or a laptop.  If you are planning a long trip with family, kids can stay content and occupied during those drives that feel like they take forever.

Power Inverters for Tractors

A variety of appliances on a tractor can be used, thanks to power inverters.  Tractors usually have good diesel engines and may include 12 volt sockets or direct-connect terminals.  Any appliance one would use in a car can be used in a tractor, via a power inverter.

Power Inverters for Tools

Need to run your power drill or sander?  You can run these tools on a regular modified sine-wave power inverter.   A drill will use about 5.5 amps and has a start-up of about 9 amps so getting a drill that can handle the surge and continuous power rating is important.  A 600 watt power inverter would work well.

Power Inverters for Motor Homes

As seen on Don Rowe, adding a power inverter to your motorhome’s inventory is so easy and the inverter can prove to be very handy while you dry camp or in between generator runs.  You can travel wherever you please and not worry about finding a site for your electric needs when you keep a power inverter on board!

Power Inverters for A Furnace

You just never know when a power outage will take place.  Whether one might experience a flood, ice storm, hurricane or tornado, being without electricity can turn into a nightmare.  Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold when you realize you are prepared for any emergency via your power inverter.  You can keep your furnace and other vital equipment running smoothly, thanks to power inverters you can depend on.Power Inverters—The Perfect Solution For Every Electric Need

Speaking of power outages, a power inverter can be one’s link to the outside world when disaster strikes.  Victims of Hurricane Sandy along the East-coast were without power for months on end—having power inverters on hand can be a life-saver!

Power Inverters for Aquariums

Owners of tropical aquariums have horror stories to tell concerning the deaths of their expensive fish due to power outages that weren’t expected.  By using a power inverter and transfer switch, fish lovers will never have to worry about their aquariums that would, otherwise, stop functioning if ‘the lights go out’.

Power Inverters for Tailgating

Power inverters can enhance the fun at any parking lot before or after the game.  Whether one wants to keep a crockpot nice and hot or power a blender for some cool drinks, power inverters are definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Power Inverters for a Mobile Office

Offices aren’t in just buildings anymore.  Personal vehicles have become mobile offices for business people all over the world.    A power inverter can operate computers, laptops and printers directly from the luxury and privacy of one’s car, truck, van, RV or SUV.

Power Inverters for Tour Buses

A tour bus company in California decided they would create a small workstation in the back of their buses to cater to tourists so they could use laptops for emailing.  Each  station accommodated four customers at a time; and the power inverters provided clean, stable power for the tourists’ computers and the drivers’ networking equipment.   The tour company’s owner claims business has increased and attributes it to some very satisfied customers who are able to charge, unload pictures and communicate with family and friends.

Power Inverters for Dump Trucks

Dump truck owners all over the United States have discovered power inverters are the perfect solution for powering business-specific electronic devices that log tickets and load data on laptop computers.  A 12-volt, 150 watt true sine wave inverter works well for this application and can run from a cigarette lighter.

Regardless of your electrical needs, get on a “power trip” and have access to power no matter where you are, what you’re doing or where you’re headed!

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