Recently there was a trending discussion abut the invention of a thirty second mobile charger by Eesha Khare. Right after that there is something exciting for all wearable tech fans.  Charging your phone when you are attending a musical concert or camping is a difficult situation that everyone encounters. Researchers from Southampton University have recently invented a pair of shorts that can store energy to charge your phone when you take a short walk. A person wearing these power shots going for a stroll will be able to generate enough energy to charge a battery for four hours. These shots convert body heat and movement to create energy.

Power shots are made of a special fabric that turns walking into electrical power. The Power pocket gathers kinetic energy from the clothing material which gets squashed together when a person walks. This energy will be used to produce enough power for charging a phone. If you are worried about how these shots look, then no issues they look very trendy. Many heads will definitely turn at you.

Apart from these pair of denim power shots, they have also developed a sleeping bag that can charge your phone when you go for camping. Here instead of body movement, body heat will be turned into battery life for a phone. The recharge sleeping bags can provide enough charge that allows you to talk for almost 11 hours. These two products were developed after getting support from Vodafone. The research for developing these products began long back in 2003 and the system uses thermoelectric materials developed by the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton, UK. Their main focus was on special next-gen printed circuits that can convert heat into power.

Christian Cull, Director of Communications at Vodafone, mentioned that their ambition was to create a practical solution to charging-related issues that are experienced by many people at outdoor events.

Prof Stephen Beeby from the Southampton University says ‘We’re exploring two specific technologies to charge the Power Pocket – thermoelectrics and kinetic energy harvesting.

‘Both represent cutting edge research around smart fabrics and, in this case, we’re looking to integrate these, a sleeping bag and a pair of denim shorts.’ He adds on.

These power shots and sleeping bags will be unveiled during the Vodafone festival that features full of future and upcoming tech. The event will happen during this summer in the U.K. Very soon you can expect these two unique inventions to be turned into consumer products. It will surely solve your charging needs when you are away from home.

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