As I mentioned in my earlier post that I am mainly concentrating on programs in Ubuntu. I am going to explain about a proximity tool called BlueProximity. This tool allow us to lock our desktop when we are away from the PC. We don’t need to lock our system manually it will automatically lock the computer.

How does it work?

There are mainly two part in this application. One is a bluetooth equipped PC and another bluetooth enabled cell phone of yours. Each and every bluetooth device have a unique hardware ID. The program use the unique ID to detect our presence. We can assign a bluetooth device in the application as authentic one. The bluetooth device may be our cell phone or some other device with bluetooth. We need to carry the device with us when we go away from our PC. The application installed in our ubuntu operating system search for the signal strength always. If the signal strength exceeds certain limit our PC got locked or it will start some other program when we are away.

The application is open source we can re-modify accordingly upon our use. The application is available for download here. Download the tar file and unzip using the command tar xvzf blueproximity-versionnumber.tar.gz. Check out the manual for its installation. After installing the application you need to start a program named “” you can add your mobile phone as authentic one. Then it will work as I described above.

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  1. what if you loose your phone?

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