Facebook, the most happening social media with more than 1000 billion users a daytime changes its apps setting now and then! Didn’t you feel so? I always feel some kind of change whenever I log in maybe not daily but frequently and many have added in the reviews that changing setting often kind of making their account insecure as previously saved settings changes in many profiles. Now you have come here to see how to protect your privacy on Facebook and we take through these simple steps!

Is Your Browsing “Secure”

Try to browse online using secure connection (https://). Thanks to Facebook for the simple settings which helps us to use the secure version always. Select Account Settings from the top right corner of Facebook menu drop down arrow and from the left hand side of the General Account Settings page select Security. Saw Secure Browsing? You could edit it by checking the box  “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible”. Finally click Save Changes.Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

Have You Checked “Keep Me Logged In”?

Don’t ever check the box  ”Keep Me Logged In” as you log in Facebook. It sounds cool snd no typing your email id or password whenever you want to log in Facebook! Facebook is so understanding right! But does that offer any security to you? What you think little pain while typing and entering is okay when compared to exposing your account throughout to hackers or other threats? Typing is just a small price you need to pay to make your account better secure! So if you got the box checked sign out from Facebook immediately and uncheck it!Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

 Privacy Settings Offers You Much!

Just like you took Account Settings from the top right corner of menu, select Privacy Settings option from the drop down. Now you could Control Privacy When You Post to Friends options which lets only your friends see your updates! If you need to custom your friends there is Custom option where you could change hide and visible options

Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

Similarly in Privacy Settings page you could edit How You Connect ,Timeline and Tagging, and also Block people who are dangerous!

Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

If you wish to get yourself enable in the Facebook public search you can do it by similarly going to Privacy Settings and then click the option Public Search. Here you could Edit the option and check the Enable Public Search!Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

Have You Checked Out From “Ads shown by third parties”

Don’t get yourself hacked or tagged by third parties! Take Account Settings like you did first for security. On the left hand side you could click on to Facebook Ads. Then you can Edit Third Party Ad Settings under Ads shown by third parties.”If we allow this in the future, show my information to” change this option to None!

Quick Steps to Protect your Privacy on Facebook

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