I know this age is all about SaaS based products, now I am going to introduce you a desktop application but that create a real value for money and time. We can develop both desktop and mobile application using this RAD tool. One major feature that makes LyteRAD different from other RAD tools is we don’t even need to code a single line code for building database applications. The application was developed by a company based in Bangalore called LyteCube.

LyteRAD is developed using Java platform we don’t need to care about database administration configuration etc. So a normal user without enough knowledge in coding can build CRM tools, financial marketing tools etc. The application store database in binary files so the database can be export to other databases like Oracle, MySQL, Postgres. There are 2 version available for download LyteRAD CE and LyteRAD Pro in which LyteRAD CE is free of cost while LyteRAD pro cost $149.

The company is merchandising the product to Indian markets who want to build there own application without investing much money. They are mainly concentrating on small business companies who hesitate to use SaaS based hosted solutions because of security, privacy & reliability issues.

LyteRAD also allow us to develop mobile applications. In the Pro version we can develop applications called RADlets. This application can be deployed to any J2me enabled mobile devices. We can even develop the application in mobile phone itself. Just look at this video. A good documentation is available for LyteRAD.

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2 comments on “Rapid Application development tool without any coding for Desktops and Mobiles LyteRAD

  1. T-Enterprise on said:

    Excellent article – thanks for pointing this out. Will download the free version and give it a try.

  2. People are going to be lazy than before. One side of the world will be Smart and talented programmers and on the other side…. dump users and re users only . 🙂
    World is getting narrower with this. 😀

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