Windows Vista users are always looking for performance improvement due to its sluggish performance. Normally people add RAM to improve performance which is pretty costlier and there might be problem for upgrade, If there is no slot available it is not possible to upgrade.

Here is a solution to improve performance in Windows Vista called ReadyBoost. Virtual memory is also available with Windows Vista where it use Harddrive as additional RAM. The performance will be sluggish since it is using rotating device. But Microsoft added a new feature called Windows ReadyBoost, which uses Flash memory as RAM. All of us know that Flash memory is pretty faster than other rotating medium.

I will explain how to install ReadyBoost in your Windows Vista PC or laptop.

Step 1)

Plug the USB pendrive or Flash memory in high speed USB port of your PC or Laptop.

Step 2)

AutoPlay program will start. Click on the “Speed up my system” menu.

Step 3)

A program will start. Click the tab named “ReadyBoost” and select appropriately like in the figure below.

Your ReadyBoost is working now.

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