We are also using OBEX protocol for receiving. In my earlier post I mentioned about the packages for send and receive. Here I am going to explain the process involved in receiving files from a bluetooth device.

For receiving a file your bluetooth is in discoverable mode. If not turn on by running the command below on your terminal.

hciconfig hci0 piscan

Now you have to listen for bluetooth connection. This can be done by running the obexpushd tool.

obexpushd -B

You should be able to receive files now. The file(s) will be saved in your /home directory. This command works in command mode. Those who hate the command mode alternate solution is to install gnome-bluetooth. Install the gnome bluetooth as I mentioned in one of the post. This is UI based tool.

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2 comments on “Receive files over bluetooth in Ubuntu

  1. Tom Purnell on said:

    Thanks very much! I’m currently travelling and needed to move a few files from a phone to my laptop and your guide worked perfectly!

  2. Futurix on said:


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