Refurbished Products - What Are They? Is it Safe to Purchase Them? Now most us been hearing about refurbished products for quite sometime, we come across this one kind of products when we are looking to buy something in fresh condition. If we buy it or not, we still do come across refurbished products. Many go along refurbished ones, the reason they are much cheaper compared to the fresh product, but even that there is a massive cut on the price, many refuse to take up the offer. So let’s look at refurbished products and see what they are.

Returned Product

As we can see most manufacturers got a 30 day standard return policy and this they have is one reason we can find refurbished products. Now obviously it’s a customer return. The reason the customer would want to return the product can be many, many they don’t like the product, or they find it not meeting the needs or find an issue with the product. So what stores does is, they take the product back and sell it again at a cut price and if that was an issue with the product, they would get it repaired with the manufacture and sell it as refurbished.

Shipping Damage

The next one case is shipping damage, if a product gets damaged on shipping, the stores always can ship it back to the manufacturer for full credit. Now the product itself won’t be damaged but the manufacturer would take it up, inspect it and again and put in a new package but never sells it as new but refurbished product.

Cosmetic Damage

A cosmetic damage on the product that never affects the internals of the product or its build, in this case the manufacturer can sell the product with visible cosmetic damage or have the product checked fully and put in by a new case or external cover but would sell it as a refurbished item.

Demo Units

Demonstration units used by various manufacturers campaigns or their dealers are sent back to the manufacturer most the times and this is repaired, put in a new case and packed but again sold not as fresh but refurbished product.

Opened Box

Box that was merely opened at the store for a customer but the customer never purchased it would be sent back to the manufacturer for repacking but this time it would be sold as nothing but a refurbished one.


This one comes when the stores return products to the manufacturer just to make space for the new line of manufacturer products.

When we can see a range of reasons responsible for a product to be tagged refurbished.Few of the reasons we can see not big reasons, we still could buy it but few of the reasons are not really appreciated by most users. So always try to find out the reason the product is tagged refurbished and also, see if its a manufacturer refurbished product or a store refurbished product. Also you need to check the warranty you have for the product and if that is a manufacturer warranty or a store warranty. Weigh everything to the price you get the refurbished one and how much more you would want to a fresh one. You sure will have your answer.

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