Have you been worried about the Smartphone’s standby duration level lately? Are you forced to reduce your Volume, and Brightness degree? Does your battery get tired of searching for network as you reside by a Remote area?

indian girl invents a device that can charge in 20 seconds any deviceWell, this is an era of terminating such issues. With an Idea practically displayed possible by Desha Hare, a girl of 18, of Saratoga, California has paved way for Super capacitor chargers to your rescue. With an Innovative Super capacitor charger having the size of almost your Smartphone’s battery that would fit perfectly, in your cell phone, has the ability to charge the battery in less than a minute, also making a lesser power consumption with a developed core providing a better usage, and a longer standby duration.

Sources say that, this device will also result in batteries that can last for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared with 1,000 cycles for any other conventional rechargeable batteries.

Supercapacitor battery:

Electrochemical double-layer capacitors, also known as super capacitors or ultra capacitors, are electrical storage devices, which have a relatively high energy storage density, simultaneously with a high power density.

Supercapacitor battery charger deviceDouble layer capacitance: Storage of electric charge by the separation of charge in Helmholtz double layer at the interface between the surface of the conducting electrode and the electrode.

High capacitance, with a low internal resistance thus allowing, charges to flow with a no interruption, thus facilitating a continuous and an effective charging.

Efficient charging: As it doesn’t take much current but projects the same result just like your high coiled charger could use.

This is expected to be the starting of an era of new charging tech, as it is expected to pave way for many new chargers ,unlike LiB, which were believed was brought from Immature technology.

indian girl invents a device that can charge easilyThis supercapacitor charger is wrapped thick, by a very strong core,outside,thus preventing leakage of charges to the components on the devices in which its been put to use,and thus, acts almost like a fuse, when device is overheated.

This Super Capacitor charger is expected to replace the Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), a common rechargeable battery for portable electronics, military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications of this day. As Lib’s,as are believed to have best suited with a developed High Charge Density, Low Self discharge, and Comparatively lesser maintenance.

Advantages of Super capacitor charger over LIB’s:

Advantages of Super capacitor charger over Lithium ion batteriesThe super capacitor charger although appears tiny, scores high in robustness, a strong structure with a well developed surface around core, compared to that of LiB’s weak surface requiring a bundle of protection layers over it.
The lifetime of this battery is very high, as it could last for a 10,000 charge cycles,compared to a maximum of 1 the leakage of charges to components of phones,when the device is overheated.


• Long duration, low current, for memory backup in Static RAMS in Desktop systems.
• Power electronics that require very short, high current, as in the in Formula -1 cars.
• Recovery of braking energy for vehicles.

Expected applications:

This device is expected to enter into the car batteries and other potential charging devices too, thus paving way for a revolutionizing battery technology for the generation ahead, also focusing on power saving.

The Future looks certainly, bright for this 18 year old kid, Eesha khare ,pocketing a handy $50,000 prize for the “young scientist” award from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Ariz and also earning attention from the network giant Google on her Skills, for her tiny, yet revolutionizing invention of the decade.

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