Rohildev (Founder and CEO) started his company RHLvision Interactive during his final year of Engineering. He developed the first Touchless Interface for Windows while he was doing his Engineering . Company Incubated in Startup Village . They help us in all ways, they provided some gadgets to build our prototype. From there Jithesh and Hari Joined his company. RHLvision is working on Robotic Human Logic Technologies like Computer Vision , Natural User Interface etc.

First product is IntAds (interactive Advertisement) is going to change the future of Advertisement. All the Advertisements now a days are just videos or posters which people are not at all interested and they don’t even bother to look at it. We build the solution that customers can interact with the Ads that will increase 90% of visibility among them.

Every ads can easily change in to IntAds with low cost. This touchless display ads can also help customers to use or virtually tryout the product there itself. This gesture based technology is easily installed any where like malls, Other public places and Inside shops.We also developed other innovative solutions for Hospitals. Its gesture based touchless display can be installed inside the Operation Theaters.

One of the biggest problem that doctors are facing is that they can’t touch and use computers during the surgery. But they have to refer patients records. our Touchless Interface for Operation theaters can help the doctors to navigate to the patients records like Scanning, Previous Drug Records also they can have video conference with the doctors who are abroad.

In simple hand gestures from the 4m distance doctors can control every thing. This also help to use a large screen display for better visibility to all doctors inside the OP.This technology can also use in various business like Builders, Architechs, Autobile Industries etc.

We also developed Touchless Interface for Smartphones and Websites. So people can easily interact with the smartphone without touch on the screen. We can change songs, play games etc without touch on the screen.

more about RHLvision can be available at
Founder & CEO
RHLvision Interactive LLP (The Robotic Human Logic)
Startup Village

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