Round cube webmail is a browser based multilingual IMAP email client. The interface is familiar like desktop application. The application have features viz MIME support, folder manipulation, address book, message searching spell checking etc. The application is open source so any one can download and install. The requirement is apache with PHP module, libraries like PEAR and IMAP wrapper from and database as MySQL or Postgres. The user interface is heavily configurable since it uses XHTML and CSS.


The application is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) so anyone can download, deployed and re-distribute. The application is still under development new releases are available after beta testing.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

One comment on “Roundcube Webmail :- IMAP client

  1. michele on said:

    How do I download an application for roundcube mail on my US Cellular Samsung Acclaim? ! Help please… thank you!

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