widows vista logo Are you using Windows Vista and you are not able to run DOS based programs in your Microsoft Vista PC? I would suggest DOSBox is the solution for running DOS based programs.

What is DOSBox?

It is a DOS emulator and it works well with almost all platforms. The application already ported to Windows, Linux, MacOS X etc. Ultimately it works with Windows vista too. This application overcomes the ambit of running DOS based application in Windows vista, however the application does have some compatibility issues with Windows Vista. So I can’t guarantee that all DOS based programs works.


I hope somebody experiences problem for DOS based games in Windows vista. Just download and install the DOSBox and run the DOS based programs after that.

Alternate solution!!!

Another ultimate solution to resolve this is installing a Virtual PC in windows vista itself. After installing Virtual PC you can install any operating system in Windows Vista. Create a virtual partition and mount DOS operating system. DOS operating system is free for download from Microsoft.

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6 comments on “Run DOS programs in Windows Vista? Install DOSBox

  1. Justin on said:

    I have dosbox and vista on my laptop, but the backslash key doesn’t work in that program…any ideas?

  2. Sanil S on said:

    If all other keys are working fine….then it might be issue with your keyboard. And if backslash is working in other operating system(s), then its sure the issue is with keyboard driver.

  3. chaitanya on said:

    How to run c language in dosbox.I am having vista 64 bit.I mean which commands are to be given for running c language.

  4. Sanil S on said:

    Just run from c file from the DOSBox terminal. You can use some editor for editing the file.

  5. I amtrying to run a dos basesed program but it needs a usb key to operate and although it is plugged in every time i try to run the program i get an error message saying that the security device was not found…

  6. Have down loaded dos box and managed to get the commands to change to C:/ to work but when i try to run the game i downloaded as a zip file i get an error message saying that vista does not support full screen mode. I cannot run Virtual pc due to only having a basic version of vista. is there anything i can do to get dos games to run without changing the windows version i already have installed?

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