Accentia Technologies has recently developed an innovative GSM communication device named Safecomm that ensures safe and secure communication among  members of a family or even closed user groups. The best part about this device is that it can be used by all age groups from kids to senior citizens.

There is a hot key feature in this device that protects the user from unwanted calls and messages, a feature that you always wish to have. The hotkeys of the safecomm are confirmed only through the principle user’s mobile phone .For example in the case of children the hotkey configuration is done through parent’s mobile phone only.

This device doesn’t have any features like display screen, texting facility, camera or internet connectivity. You can therefore blindly give this device to your younger one’s hands without having any worries. There is no chance for them to misuse it.

You can give this device for every school/college students, from LKG to Degree classes. Safecomm acts like a hotline between parents and their children when they are away from them. With the help of this device you can contact your children wherever they are whether it’s a shopping spot, park or  when they are travelling. It gives a sense of security for both the kids and parents that both of them are not too far away from each other.

Another great fact about Safecomm is that it even comes with a GPS facility so that you  can accurately track the location of your kids and their mobility. For getting accurate information,  all you need is to send an SMS to their safecomm they carry. This device is a great help for parents  in an era where they often read about child trafficking and abuse in newspapers.

In order to equip the children with quicker response to any emergency situation, safecomm features an SOS button, which on activation dials all four numbers until one of them is answered. When you press the SOS button, it sends messages to all four configured numbers so that the user gets help as soon as possible.

Safecomm even offers a feature to keep the phone in silent mode during school time. It can be set by parents by sending an SMS from their mobile phone.

Safecomm is not just meant for kids alone, it can be even used by parents as a family hotline, where your family members and other pre-authorized callers can connect to you when you are between a meeting or even your main mobile phone is switched off or busy. When your family members want to convey a in important message, this device helps a lot.

Safecomm can be even used by the elderly members in your family who are not so familiar with using mobile phones. They can contact with their closed family members by pressing a single key. With the help of it, they can contact someone who is away in case if there  is some medical emergency for them.

Get hold of this device, let all your family members stay smart in this tech oriented era.

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