Samsung Galaxy S3 ReviewSamsung always had a tough time to make its mark in the mobile sector. The mobile phone giant Nokia had the upper hand there for quite long and they ran real good with what they had. Their phones were based on Java at the early phase, and the Symbian OS made them stay paramount in the industry quite long. But the glorious days of Nokia came to an end, the Android made way for that and when Nokia decided to stay with Symbian itself. The new boom for Android based phones were took up by companies like Samsung and they did it good. They came up with lot models, and the S2 was a big success. Selling huge numbers round the globe getting Samsung crowned the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Galaxy S2 was a big success and Samsung knows the new S3 got to live up to it. Sure is they have done everything to bring out Galaxy S3 as an innovative, feature rich phone. Times fast and powerful than its predecessor S2. Galaxy S3 is going to be more a success story than S2, it deserves lot more and the features it holds better tells that.


The gorgeous 4.8 inch display in 720p resolution tells you how big it is, packed inside is a quad core engine, massive storage (coming soon a 64 Gb storage option) and a bunch of awesome features packed in a light, appealingly slim casing.


You have this one thing beyond your expectations. The powerful on board, quad core engine Samsung put in got for you anything you want to do with your phone. Be it a high end game, or hours of playing HD video, see anything happen smooth and perfect. The most feature packed Android we can find, solid powerhouse that will never run your expectations down.


Galaxy S2 camera itself was much powerful, great snaps and videos with the 8 MP. Now the Galaxy S3 features a 12 MP, powerful sensor to get you great snaps or videos in full HD 1080p. Now the front camera is above average for front cameras, a 1.9 MP sensor, lets you capture videos at the same time as snapping in 720p.

Operating System

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, feature rich, the far and best Android operating system from Google. The powerful hardware Galaxy S3 carries helps utilize ICS to the fullest. The OS features seamless multitasking from the previous releases, much advanced interactivity together with powerful sharing and communication features. Customizable home screen, notifications, flexible widgets, Android beam and lot more.


Tons of powerful features Samsung put in, few of them they got for you makes every minute a new experience. Apple Siri is awesome, Samsun got for you here something like that, the S Voice. The Smart Stay they bundled is an all new feature, it makes use of the front camera to check at intervals if a pair of eyes are looking at it and when it sees no eyes looking on it, intelligently puts off the screen to save power. Smart Call gets you an auto dial for any your phone contact, all you got to is raise your phone to your ear from the contact details screen. Social Tag matches faces in photographs with the profile photos in your contact with a smart face recognition. Still there are lot more of intelligent and powerful features, Galaxy S3 will be another bench mark.

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