Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs IPhone 5Got a Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5? I know this question would sound little weird, but I got the good opportunity to rate between the two recently.  You all know that Apple, the matchless company recently is facing a very tough competition by the rising Samsung and of course, the Galaxy S3!

The competitor Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S3 few months before iPhone 5 and the number of  S3 sold was just numerable and estimated that about 20 million units were sold in 100 days, ushering the outstanding performance of Google’s android!


Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs IPhone 5Apple, as always comes with the stylish sleek looking covering and design which is hard for any competitors to break. iPhone 5 has launched with increased shatter resistance to its glass and scratch resistant and more amount of aluminium is added to its frame build making the new iPhone more durable when compared with earlier versions whereas Samsung Galaxy S3 made of durable polycarbonate plastic.


Apple obviously light weighted when compared to all other Smart phones. It is just 112gms when compared to S3 which is 133gms. iPhone 5 got thickness of about 7.6mm whereas Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm. More to drops, iPhone 5 survives when compared with S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs IPhone 5Comfort

Samsung has come up with the wider and longer display screen when compared to Apple aiming at the user friendly interface. A wide screen is more friendly in visualization. When compared with Apple’s iPhone 5, S3 got side buttons for power and voice controls which is absent in iPhone. These user friendly side buttons helps to hold and use much comfortably when rated with the leading smart phone iPhone 5 which is now bit longer!

Display Screen

Screen quality was one among the most debated topics in iPhone 5 and S3. Apple being the top in smart phones with the iPhone 4 version had come with the high resolution technology, ie, high-end IPS-LCD screen technology with 326 pixels per inch screen. But as Samsung with its S3 were countering this feature with latest AMOLED technology, a deviation of OLED technology giving light to each pixels on the screen except those black pixels. But Apple as always makes the screen quality best fit for sharper eyes.

User Interface OS

Apple iOS always stands the best guiding the user easily and smoothly whereas S3 with the android is bit slow and can Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs IPhone 5misguide the user in different ways. It is true that Google Android cannot be that outstanding with iOS but Android can run many robust apps and also NFC when compared with stable iOS. Android even works when the phone is in off mode, in other sense affecting battery whereas iOS can’t run more apps on the screen while on use or not.


It is actually much difficult to compare the app stores of iPhone 5 and S3 as both of it comes with a large collection of apps. For S3 users Google play provides easy access to download latest apps whereas in iPhone apps get upgraded automatically. But its cool that music lovers, photographers go for iPhones if confused of S3 as iPhone 5 got the best music app store with EarPod headphones making it all time exciting. No other smart phones till date has beaten Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs IPhone 5the picture clarity of iPhone and the panoramic mode in iPhone 5 is just outstanding when compared with S3 android.


You all know that iOS 6 was launched by the mid of September and Apple has completely wiped off Google map from the iPhones giving a hell lot of trouble to customers. It was said that Apple maps were not any comfortable except the 3D mode view as it gives bogus info to the user placing the building in middle of an ocean! So people who wish for stable map search of GPS do opt for Android S3.

If its still confusing to select between the two please do check on Apple iPhone 5 review and Samsung Galaxy S3 review.

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