Recently some  photos of the Galaxy S4 Active, has been acquired by GSMArena . This is a handset model which has an entirely different design when compared to the existing Galaxy S4, it contains three front screen hardware buttons and a reinforced rear shell with four screws on the back. It will be a lower spec version of S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active also comes with a Ferrari red finish which is quite unique and it will always make it stand out from the crowd. This handset also comes with four large rivets in each corner on the back of the device. You can see a plastic flap to cover the charging port at the base of the S4 Active which will make it water resistant. It features three physical buttons under the screen, rather than one physical and two touch-sensitive, rather than what you find on the existing S4 model.

 There is a rumor that this phone will look toyish due to the three rubber buttons. This phone will feature a 1.9GHz quad-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU. It has a 5-inch full 1080p Super AMOLED HD display. However you can only discover an eight  8MP rear camera  for this phone when compared to the 13MP option available for the existing S4 model. There is no word on whether the back will be removable for adding a microSD card.

Samsung partner Peel, which makes the company’s WatchON TV control application has also confirmed that  it will be a waterproof and dust-proof handset, offering support for “upcoming S4 Mega, S4 mini, and S4 Active” smartphones in a new version of its app.


According to reports made by tipster, Galaxy S4 Active has already been showcased in Croatia, but you need to wait still for hearing an official announcement from Samsung.  Though Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S4 Active in the coming weeks, there are many leaked photos that you can find in the web.

 Certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group validates the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active reality and upcoming release. There are also other reports that say that new Galaxy smart phone will be  releasing this July. However, no announcement was given yet on the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active smart phone. Being a long time fan of rugged phones, Samsung  will definitely cherish the dreams of those who wish to buy a premium smartphone with some extra durability.

Another Samsung Galaxy S4 variant that is expected to be released soon is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. This smart phone comes with a great camera and video imaging features.

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