Don’t you think smart phones play a vital role these days whether it comes to mapping a location, checking restaurants, boosting business, tracking your calories with workouts and anything on the go? It is becoming very common that people depend on smart phone apps to check out workouts, local food spots and diet patterns. Here we bring you a collection of apps for healthy eating. Have a look and get armed up to maintain your fitness goals just a click away.

Swap It Don’t Stop It

A health activity checker app. The Swap It Don’t Stop It app gives you a wide range of food and set of physical activities. Set an alarm and get reminded of the swaps, which tell you what to have when and also what physical activity to undergo. The app lets you know the time to make the swap, like getting off the bus few stops early and walking, swapping afternoon meal with a salad, etc. Sway it Don’t Stop It keeps you in track of the fitness progress, range of food with healthy food alternatives, activity planner and you could earn badges as you reach the goal. Fall in love with the app by making your own swaps.Swap It Don’t Stop It


Are you looking to follow a strict diet, curbing on unhealthy flavours? Foodditive would be the one to accompany with you. It gives you information on the type of additive with the specific to food item you spot at supermarket in an understandable manner. The food additives would be tagged with respect to your dietary requirements with detailed information on adverse effects, categories, etc. No more worries if you are on gluten-diet, vegan or any, Foodditive could switch your diet compliance with its comprehensive, intuitive outlook.Foodditive

Superfood HD

Superfood HD keeps you cool, light and breezy throughout the summertime. Lets you know tones of food which are highly nutritious and energy boosting. Along with each superfood mentioned, it points out the relevant information with helpful images making Superfood a must-have one on your phone as you go supermarkets. Happy news to bring delight, this app comes with 200 recipe ideas to have fun with eating. Start sharing interesting food thoughts as the beautiful interface is integrated with Facebook, tagging this app more popular.Superfood HD


One of the best iPhone app to track your fitness and health targets. Fooducate helps you ingest healthy foods, grades food based on nutritional standards, checks on your body weight, adds a healthy shopping list, etc. This app proudly owns a database of UPC powered nutrition info (around 200,000 products labels). Adding to its feather, Fooducate positions as the 1st prizewinner of US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge and got reviewed in leading journals – WSJ, FOX, NBC, Oprah and lot more to highlight its success journey. Do you know, even healthcare professionals, fitness trainers, physicians suggest Fooducate to track fitness goals?Fooducate


Get daily eating tips right on your phone screen with eaTipster. The Dieticians of Canada came up with this eat smarter app to bring healthy eating a wonderful thing. Each daily tip conveys you with an easy-to-understand mantra like type of nutrients in food, disease prevention, weight control and it becomes useful if you pay attention to each tip. Get more with the app by programming the time for receiving the tip, sharing on socials and keep aside those difficult tips to digest later.eaTipster


Don’t you think we often miss out our diet when eating out? HealthyOut would let you track the right dish which suites your diet pattern on the go. Meets your food preferences and makes you stay eat healthy food outdoors, which sounds quite risky nowadays. With HealthyOut on your phone, you can cut shot the troubles in locating the right healthy restaurant which goes with your choice. The main nutrition preferences listed in the app are low carb, low fat, heart healthy, low protein, low calorie and low sodium. Suggested by health professionals and nutritional experts to live around healthy.HealthyOut

With these eat healthy apps on your iPhone, be cheered up and beat the modern-day stress of food scrounging.

The article was written by Nicksal Rafeek, Marketing, division Informa. is the specialist online directory for the healthcare industry, listing companies, products and services of relevance to medical professionals.

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