Soon after Maressa Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo, she laid out a plan ” to acquire some small start up companies that ”align well overall with our businesses. Here are a list of companies acquired by Yahoo recently given below:


Stamped is the first company to be acquired by Mayer in October. It is a Newyork based startup company that  developed an iPhone app that lets people to record and share their favorite things like restaurants, books, movies, music and many more.  Everyone gets a limited number of stamps to start, so you’ll discover only the best. A great price tag in double-digit millions was offered to the investors  by Yahoo for acquiring this company.


Alike  is another start-up that has been acquired by Yahoo in February. This company has developed a mobile app that helps users discover nearby venues and places to visit based on their interests. At Alike, we’ve spent the last couple of years working hard to build amazing mobile experiences to delight our customers, which is why we’re thrilled to announce some big news: we’re joining Yahoo! Mobile,” the company wrote in it’s website.


Yahoo has also acquired Jybe in March, a startup that’s based in  Menlo Park, CA. This company has developed  an app for  iPhone that  recommends books, movies and restaurants based on user preferences  trending in their social circles. Jybe’s five employees who worked in Yahoo before, have already joined  back Yahoo’s platform organization.


Yahoo has acquired OntheAir, a startup that has developed a video chat broadcasting app. All the five team members have started to work with Yahoo under Adam Cahan. OnTheAir lets friends chat and content producers webcast single or split-screen interviews. It’s been believed that the team could help Yahoo compete with Google Hangouts or build mobile communication apps., the San Francisco-based startup that created a web application for clipping news articles and arranging them in a visually compelling Pinterest-like format was also acquired by Yahoo recently.  It;s been said that the price tag offered for this app was $10 million. The team will focus on the “social news” space in their new roles at Yahoo, the company said in a blog post announcing the sale.


Yahoo acquired startup Summly for around $30 million in February. Within a month  Yahoo!  have come up with an iOS application in U.S  with Summly features built in. This  startup was  founded by 17-year-old British entrepreneur Nick D’Aloisio. The new app from Yahoo now shows users short, paragraph-long summaries for news stories. Users can turn on the Summly-like synopses by tapping on the three-bar icon on the top left of the app and then switching the toggle for “Visual” from “Off” to “On. Users can tap on the screen to read the full versions of each story.


Astrid the favourite ‘to do manager’ app of android users have also been acquired by Yahoo  recently. The main mission statement of this startup was “Happier, healthier, more productive.” It has been like a personal assistant for many people all across the globe.


GoPoll Go is a social polling site that has twitter and facebook integration, Yahoo has recently acquired it. This site allows you to create polls for placing it on your blog or website.


Yahoo has recently acquired the frequent flier search startup MileWise. It’s been said that MileWise’s entire five-person team will soon join Yahoo.  MileWise guides travelers in choosing cheapest flights, it not only helps in finding the best price, but also with frequent flyer mile discounts factored in.


Yahoo has acquired a mobile gaming company, Loki Studios.  Loki’s flagship application is its location-aware game, Geomon. This startup was formed by students from Stanford University. It develops games based on user’s location information such as weather, temperature and time of the day among others, to make the gaming experience more real.

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