Gmail is one of the best email client available online, moreover slew people are using the application as there email client. This email client provide vast variety of search option for searching the email in the mail box. I am going to explain how is it possible to sort emails within particular period of time. This is one best features that add more value to business, professional people because they have to regularly check the emails sent by different peoples.

On the search text box type the period with keywords after and before, I will explain it with an example.

For eg: If you need to search email after 2008/04/16 and before 2008/04/18, email between 2 days. Type “after:2008/04/16 before:2008/04/18“, moreover if you need to include some other criteria like email with particular keyword just include that keyword with a space after the format.

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2 comments on “Search gmail message during a period of time

  1. Ohh… I was insearch of this particular query some months ago. Thankyou that atleast I have it now. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I have to search for mails that were sent with a specific time is it possible ? If yes, how to do that.
    I want to filter/search all mails that were sent from a specific date with time 6:00PM onwards till 10:00PM

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