Serious security flaws in latest iPhone software even expose email, text and voice messages to whomever get the device in hand. Clicking emergency call and double-clicking the ‘home’ button brings up the favourites on iPhone 2.0.2, which opens up the address book, the dial keypad and voicemail. Then clicking the blue arrows next to the names give you the access of private information, clicking in the email address will open the mail application. Clicking on the URL in the contact information will open up safari browser and clicking the send text messages can get the whole access to text messaging.

This is a serious security threat that should be avoided by Apple. Engadget says this will be resolved in the next firmware upgrade. iPhone released in India last week but the initial sales was not much promising.

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2 comments on “Serious Security Flaws In Latest iPhone 2.0.2 Which Can Reveal Email, Text And Voice Messages

  1. Interesting…and they talk about apple being the best OS…

  2. TheAnand on said:

    JMJ, i hate to agree 🙂 iphone OS is not even close to the MS mobile OS, or even RIM or Symbian…

    The only reason why iphone sells is cuz of the brand and the revolutionary touch screen.

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