Send SMS Texts From Your Computer with MightyTextDid you forget your phone at home and worried of getting some important call? Here is an easy way to keep in touch with your close ones! Now start sending text messages from your computer or tablet via MightyText! Start with your Android phone and number and get the experience of multi-media texts with MightyText.

So what is exactly MightyText?

Except for Android, MightyText is much similar to iMessage. All you need is a web browser on your tablet and computer and there you send SMS using your own phone number. MightyText helps you to check and screen on those incoming calls by seeing the caller details on your PC.

Do you have a Google account? Unless you got a Google account, you can’t access this app. The account will help to sync contacts to your computer.

Get Started With MightyText

Send SMS Texts From Your Computer with MightyTextInstall MightyText on your Android smartphone which hardly takes few minutes. Once you got it installed, open the app and choose your Google account and select Complete Setup to finish the process. In the next display screen you could see permission to get started with the app and once you get permission, select on how you wish to access the MightyText on your PC or tablet.

If you wanna try through computer browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provides you with extensions whereas if you are not wanting to add another feature to your system browser, go for Web app.

Note: If you are using Mac, you need to install Growl notifications to get MightyText done.

You need to check on the Settings if you are using  Web UI. The features in the settings will sync your Google contacts and you could see the names popping up automatically if you receive a text and supports MMS. Does that sound cool? You can send images from your computer with the current supported message plan on your Android.

Voila, start sending and receiving texts from your phone or browser or both. Enjoy the full experience of this wonderful app.

Got phone locked in your car? Say bye to worries through MightyText.

Do share with us you experience with MightyText as we are waiting for your feedback.

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