Google reader is one of the best applications by google to read your favorite blog’s or sites. Slew people are using this service regularly like a newspaper. Frankly speaking I am addicted with google reader. A couple of months back google released there off line version of google reader. Those who don’t have internet access every time, this is the ultimate solution. You can go online and download the data and you can then go off line and read at your own time. Let me explain the steps to make your google reader off line.

Step 1)

Click on the link on your top right corner of your google reader with anchor text offline near your sign out link. If you haven’t installed google gear it will show a popup to install google gear. After installing google gear you are entitled to ask another popup like below.

Step 2)

After allowing the google reader as a trust application to google gear your reader will show a green icon on the top right.

Step 3)

After clicking on the icon the google gear starts downloading content to local machine for off line access. Basically the process is very sluggish. Don’t worry we don’t need to bother about it for a while.

Step 4)

Your google reader is now offline.

Step 5)

Make your offline reader online to read latest feeds. For this, click on the blue icon on the top right. It will start synchronizing.

hey don’t be baulked to try this, cos it is cool stuff. It is worth enough for trying.

Some of you people can’t see this feature, don’t worry it will be soon live with you as well.

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3 comments on “Set up your google reader for offline access

  1. Good stuff. Remember me of the outlook express which I used long ago and got used to it, until I got offline from my PC. 😉

    Its really cool stuff. 🙂

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