If you are in the market for a new tablet, and you want to get one of Apple’s fantastic iPads, then you essentially have the choice (assuming you are buying a brand new device rather than a second hand model from a previous generation) between the full sized iPad, or the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini isn’t currently available with the cutting edge retina display that is found on most other Apple products from the current generation (like the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro and the full sized iPad 4), but Apple are expected to launch a retina display Mini very soon. If you are trying to decide between the two for your next purchase, then we have some tips to help you make your choice:

What Are The Advantages Of The Mini Over The iPad 4iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is a lot cheaper than the iPad 4, so if you are looking to get the convenience of a tablet for less than the cost of Apple’s top of the range model, then the Mini is a good compromise. Also, because it costs less, you could potentially buy a model with a larger memory than you could afford on the iPad 4, meaning you can store even more books, films, games, music and apps. The iPad Mini is also vastly more portable, and this means you can easily carry it around in a regular sized handbag or backpack without really needing to buy a special iPad case. The fact it is smaller also means it is more discreet, which means it is less likely that people will notice you have it and try to steal it when you are out and about – this is a good thing because thefts of tablets and smartphones is on the rise.

Some people also say that the iPad Mini is better for reading books than the iPad 4 because the size is more akin to a paperback book or a Kindle style device, which means it is perhaps more comfortable to hold and look at while you are reading, while still offering all of the features an iPad has instead of the more limited range of features a simple Kindle eBook reader has.

Of course, the iPad 4 is still the daddy of the tablet family, so if you aren’t too concerned about the price and want the full scale device, then none of these arguments should probably persuade you not to spend your hard earned cash on a retina display iPad 4.

Looking After Your New iPad

Should You Buy The iPad Or The iPad Mini

Once you have chosen your new iPad, it is important to take the best care of it. You should clean the screen after use, so that your experience of using the stunning Apple screen isn’t ruined by smudges and dirt. You may also want to consider buying an insurance policy so your iPad is covered against damage, loss and theft when you are out and about using it. The coverage included in your home insurance is often not adequate to cover a lot of the things that can happen with an iPad. You can get insurance from a number of places, including ProtectYourBubble.com who are an insurer specialising in gadgets like tablets, laptops and phones.

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Laura Ginn is an Apple product fan who has tried out both the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. While she is looking forward to playing with the next iPad Mini with retina display, her own preference is for the larger iPad, which she wouldn't want to live without so she keeps it well insured!

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