We all have been faced with computer problems that include slow response, long waiting periods, blank screens and what seems to be interminable waiting for and action to take place.

Most people automatically assume that it’s time to have an expert or technician take a look at the machine. Such a choice involves not only output of cash but also a loss of valuable time without our computer. In reality one can do a few things to pre-check our system for malfunctions. Built right into your computer is a choice of diagnostic tools easily accessible and simple to perform. Most are self explanatory and uncomplicated to use.

These tools can be found in the Accessories folder by left clicking “All Programs”

Once this is done a “drop down” menu will appear with many choices. Scroll down to “Accessories” and left click.  Now you look for “System Tools” towards the bottom. Again left click this choice and it will open numerous choices you can use to solve some of your problems. I’ll go through some of the important ones you will use. Although not in the order you will see them in, these are some of the essentials.


Disk Cleanup.

Just as it states, this program will analyze the drive you select for unnecessary, unused and clutter you no longer need.  It actually frees up space on the drive you choose.  The first window will ask you to chose a drive. Normally it will be your main drive or C:\.  You will then choose “OK”.  Now the program takes over and will show you a “progress bar” to inform you of the work being done. Be patient, the progress will seem slow but you have to remember it is checking an entire hard disk and all sub-directories to find problems. When it stops, you will see a list of suggested files to delete and the total amount of disk space you can recover.  It is a good idea is to view the choice of “folders to delete” offered and check off any folders you would like to include in the cleanup. It also gives you an opportunity to view the files and gives an explanation of what these files are. Take a look at the “More Options” tab for more space saving choices.


Disk Defragmenter

Another improvement tool is also listed in the “System Tools” list is “Disk Defragmenter” This program will reconstruct your hard disk for optimum performance.  Here is a quick explanation of why it is so important. When you save information to your computer it goes on your hard drive in the order you send it. So if you just entered a recipe for soup it is applied to your disk. Now say you add an address of a person you just met and then a photo of your dog. These are taken in by your hard drive in almost the same as a laundry list. Line by line. You can see that information stored in this manner is like a desk plastered with stick notes. You would spend hours looking for the right one. Defragmentaion puts, or lines up all these “notes” in a logical order which enables the computer to access file much quicker.

These are just two programs available on your computer to increase speed. There are many more commercial programs to fine tune your machine to your liking.

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