As I mentioned in my earlier post that we can enable our car WiFi by 2 means.

(i) Using Laptop as and enabler to internet connection.

(ii) Using Single board computer in place of Laptop as internet connection enabler.

The main advantage by using Laptop is we can even avoid router(Access Point) by configuring the machine to a point to point wifi access. The disadvantage is we need to carry laptop every time for internet connection.

The advantage of using SBC in place of laptop rule out the disadvantage of (i). We need to buy an SBC to make car wifi enabled which cost around $120.

I am mentioning simple and easiest method that is method (i) now. For this we need to configure our laptop for point to point wifi access. The main advantage of using method (i) is we can avoid access point(AP).

The figure above shows the architecture diagram of our simplest wifi car. The EVDO is connected to the first wireless laptop which will serves internet to other system(s) using point to point network. I will explain the step to step procedure now.

Click on the Network connection in control panel(Start menu->Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections->Network connections).

On the properties window click on the wireless network tab and Add a new connection.

Add a name for the network let it be “MyHomeNetwork” and make the authentication as shown in the figure above. You can add a password which can be used to secure your network. The main and ultimate thing is that you need to change your wireless network as adhoc(point to point) network by checking the check box shown in figure above. Click OK to save the settings. Yeah your system is ready to work as point to point wireless serving device and also a gateway for internet. Connect EVDO driver program to get internet connection.

Carry the system you configured now for getting internet connection in your car.

Your Peer system(s) can be connect to this network. Search for wireless network you can see a wireless network named “MyHomeNetwork”. Connect to the network with key assigned during the process.

My next post will describe the way to make your car wifi using Single board computer. Which is more promising WiFi car.

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