Skyfire web browser for mobile promise to offer the best of PC browsing experience on a mobile phone. All Windows mobile based phones and Nokia phones featuring Symbian series 60 edition 3 can support Skyfire. The browser supports all the latest plug-ins including Adobe Flash Player 10. It can handle

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Ajax and can stream Silverlight 2.0 video. According to Skyfire chief executive Nitin Bhandari “As web content continues to include more Ajax applications, JavaScript, video [and] Flash 10, and web pages double in complexity every 12 months, there will always be a gap between phone and PC capabilities,”. Nitin Bhandari also feels that Web technology will be rapidly expanding and wont wait for the mobile world to catch up.He claimed that Skyfire’s architecture keeps pace with the web technologies and seamlessly bridges the gap. The browser also supports social networking capability and that it has inbuilt capability to include updates from Twitter and Face book in the RSS news feeds and to posting updates on these two site takes only a click. The company claims that the browsers beta saw a million downloads and all the popular sites popular on PC was also popular on Skyfire attributing it to the browsers capability to handle web 2.0 sites and services. Version 1.0 is currently available for download and a version for Balckberry is currently under closed alpha testing according to highly placed sources.

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