You might have got fooled on this year’s April Fool Day by Google Nose. All your excitement to feel the smell digitally might have gone in vain when you discovered that it was just a prank by Google. Over years, many technology companies have attempted to bring the sense of smell into media. Despite the continued efforts the sense of smell have failed to enter into big or small screen. Recently Japanese company Chaku Perfume Co. Ltd. is working hard to bring this sense of smell to smaller screen.  Now you can attach a Chat Perf attachment to your iPhone and all the messages and email notifications which you receive will be accompanied with a signature smell.

This device has just the size of a USB stick which you can attach through the 30-pin connector on an iPhone. The Android version of it is expected to release by fall. Soon after you attach this device to the phone, the screen comes up with a “puff” button on which you can tap to release a scent. This device connected to an iPhone comes with an atomizer that will disperse scents from the swappable scent tanks contained in it. You need to install the correct scent tank installed in order to get the desired effect.

The main motive behind this device is to transform your gaming and movie watching experience. Rather than just seeing pictures or listening to sound bytes, now you can start feeling scents.  ChatPerf is considered to keep a big leap in gaming, as you can now smell gunpowder when firing a weapon  or the flowers in the fields when you watch The Wizard of Oz.  ChatPerf has also released a software development kit, to see what ideas smell-hackers might come up with.

The video given below shows that the device is still in prototype form and it can be connected through the iPhone’s dock connector. However, the company says the device that will be released this September. You can connect it to your phone’s headphone jack, it will even extend it’s  compatibility to include Android devices as well.

Based on the reports made by RocketNews24, Chat Perf will cost 4,980 yen (approx. US$50), but still there is no information available about the price for the scent tanks. This device will definitely transform your gaming and movie watching experience next time, just wait for sometime to grab it for the first time.

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