Most of these handsets alert you with noise and vibration whenever you get a call or receive a text. Can you imagine a smartphone that can change it’s shape to alert you. It’s not a dream anymore, it has become a reality now. Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Canada has introduced a phone named MorePhone that allows the users to  literally make the smartphone bend to their will. It comes with an  e-Ink display that uses special memory wires that curls up to a particular angle when they’re electronically activated. The best part about this phone is that the  users  can choose specific movement configurations depending on the caller or type of message.

This phone is 13 centimeters tall and 3 cm wide and the screen is composed of flexible plastic and connected to shape-memory alloy wires. These wires can contract and bend based on the electronic signals that they receive. Afterwards the device can resume back to it’s  original shape. Therefore the  user can change the settings of the phone so that it can bend to a corner when a  specific  caller calls.

“This is another step in the direction of radically new interaction techniques afforded by smartphones based on thin film, flexible display technologies” says Roel Vertegaal , director of the human media lab at queen’s university.

“One of the problems with current silent forms of notification is that users often miss notifications when not holding their phone, With MorePhone, they can leave their smartphone on the table and observe visual shape changes when someone is trying to contact them.” Vertegaal stresses the unique feature that this phone offers.

The present prototype uses  plastic and it  is not that strong enough to bend in a user’s pocket, so the team is working on another model that can clear out this problem. They are working on a prototype that comes with a  potential to fold into a three-dimensional object.

“The big problem with current tablets and smartphones is they don’t have a third dimension to them,”  but “our world isn’t flat.”Vertegaal says

It’s been said that the surface design of this phone  is almost  similar to LG’s flexible e-paper display  however  LG’s product is much larger when compared to a normal phone  screen. You can look forward for a

You can take a look at the video below to get an idea of how this smartphone works based on your needs.

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