the social media revolutionWelcome to the World of Social Revolution. Social Media is considered to be one of the Biggest shift since Industrial Revolution. The right understanding and usage of social media can produce wonderful results. Let’s see how.

When I say Social Media, what runs in your mind? Yes of course, Facebook, Twitter , Google + and such social networking sites. Why are these social networking sites so famous ? The main reason is, [borrowing NOKIA’s tagline] “ Connecting People…”. People spend a lot of time in social networks.

For those who stay abroad or those who stay away from their hometown, these social networks are the best way to stay connected with friends, relatives and to know what’s happening around… Great events, hot news, protests etc spread like wildfire through social media and it reach thousands within seconds.

If you look back, you can see the time taken by various technologies to reach the public. This clearly shows how effective Social media is! Technology is now accessible for everyone.

social media latest statisticsFor companies offering products/services, Social media is the best marketing platform available. One will prefer to buy a product that has more likes and positive comments in Facebook than the real experience story which is shown in TV ads. People like “LIKES” and “COMMENTS” more than anything else!

social media peer recommendations and trustMore than 80 % of the companies use Facebook to market their products/services. More than 90% of marketers use Social Media. Social Media has become the main Business channel. Consumers are no longer passive! If they are not satisfied with a product/service, the first thing they do is, login to Facebook and update their status about that product/service which will initiate a discussion. Such discussions will definitely affect the business. So companies are now committed in providing standard products and services. It has become a habit that, Before buying any product, we post about it in Facebook and get reviews from existing users, depending on which we decide whether to buy it or not. See how Social Media has changed the way we decide!

According to the latest Socialnomics statistics:

• 60 Million status updates happen daily on facebook
• 175 Million tweets happen daily on Twitter

This clearly shows where and how people spend their time! This is why Social Media is more effective than any other media.
We no longer Search for the news, The news find Us” – Erik Qualman

social media latest statistics- tweets and updatesAn interesting fact: Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea and Australia.

social media comparedAnother remarkable contribution from Social Media is in the field of Job Recruitment. LinkedIn, The most famous professional social networking site, is used by 80% of Companies to recruit employees. Previously companies used to recruit employees by paying money to post on Job boards like Monster, Naukri etc or through recruiting agencies. Now the case has changed. Companies no longer have to spend a huge amount on recruitment through job boards or agencies, they can directly recruit through Professional social networks like LinkedIn, Craigslist etc. The concept of resumes have changed a lot. Now a days, Resumes are not just paper printouts of skills. You can have Photos, Videos and Links showing your actual work, combined with recommendations from Boss, co-workers etc.
Youtube is 2nd Largest Search Engine. Every minute 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Youtube has become the best and quickest way of getting fame. One of the best platforms to Showcase your talent. Another great impact of Social Media!
The Blogging community plays an important role in the Social Media Revolution. Statistics say that, there are over 200,000,000 Blogs. More than 30% of bloggers blog opinions about products and services. “25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content” – Socialnomics

People rely more on such Blog posts than the company articles. Large companies even pay Bloggers to review and write about their product. For Bloggers, social networking sites are channels through which they can share their articles with the world. Previously, Bloggers had to wait for search engine indexing after publishing an article. They had to solely rely on search engine. That too it takes time for the good articles to come up in search results and get good traffic. But now the situation has changed. After publishing an article, you can directly share it through social networks which drives considerable amount of traffic within seconds of publishing. All these became possible because of social media.

There are lot more to explore. Social Media is such a Huge and Powerful technology revolution. More than technology, It is relationship. Understand the power of social media and act accordingly for best results. Be proud of being a part of this great revolution. The revolution has just begun. Lot more to see..
We don’t have a choice on whether we Do Social media, The question is How Well We Do It.” – Erik Qualman

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9 comments on “Social Media: The Revolution!

  1. Yuva on said:

    This post depicts the current trend of social media very well. statistics provided by the author regarding the growth of social media highlights the post. Good work.

  2. guru prasad on said:

    yes the article is true… social networking has become a part of a man in this bsy world… facebook is the most easily used social networking site…. its very usefull and in the same case its very harmfull…. the article is really interesting….

  3. aravind on said:

    ok nice to saw this website

  4. Nistul on said:

    Interesting yet informative post, Praveesh.
    You made such an excellent analysis.
    Keep it up.

  5. Kausik on said:

    Nice topic..The fact is very much true. Gr8 analysis Praveesh.

  6. Neeraj on said:

    Good Thread……Interesting to find that 80% of companies make their online recruitment through LinkedIn….Going to open LinkedIn account right away..

  7. Bineesh on said:

    A very well scripted article keeping the main plot simple and close to us with live example.
    well deserved compliment to the author..
    Good job, Keep up the good work..

  8. joseph on said:

    Only a smart person like Mr. Praveesh can get this much details about fb and twitter. And yes, the word he used “wildfire” regarding flashing news exactly matches with the reality. Interesting facts i have learned from this. Thanks praveesh for this post, hope to see more informative posts from you.

  9. ABY SAM CHERIAN on said:

    Social Networking is playing now an inevitable part in each one’s life. Dependance to these sites to take a decision, to get a feed back, business etc has also increased. Well abstracted Praveesh.. :)

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