There are approximately 1.2 billion smartphone owners in the world. There are   many applications that inspire many tech savvy youth for donating to charity organizations and using their gadget for a worthy cause.

Charity Miles

This is an application for Android and iPhone that allows the users to raise money when they do their day to day activities. When you walk or run  as part of your exercise routine. You can select around nine different charities, this application will track their distance and donates some money from your corporate sponsors per mile when you share it on social networking sites.

Do some good

Orange Mobile has recently come up with an application called  Do Some Good application. It guides the  users to do some micro-volunteering tasks, rather than forcing them to give  donations. For example they can wildlife photos during their lunch break for supporting a charity cause. This application is available in iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones.

Give a Heart
Give a Heart is good application for your smartphone and you can donate for various charity organizations using it. It enables you to search according to charity category. There are even charity games so that you can have fun when you donate.

This is a game developed by  Publicis London for the Depaul charity that supports homeless teenagers. In this application the users can interact with a homeless teenager and donate for his or her needs. it will foster a need in all uers to check the application regularly. All the donations that you make will be used for the benefit of homeless teenagers by Depaul UK.
My Life as a refugee
This is an application that is developed by UN refugee agency for  iPhones and iPads. It creates an awareness about the plight of refugees all across the globe. This game portrays  the real life problems of a refugee taking the case of an imaginative character.You will go through different levels that depicts different life events taking important decision about life and death. This way a worthy message will be spread and it will benefit the refugees all across the globe.


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