The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has the biggest display for a smartphone so far. This smartphone running on Android 4.1 Jellybean features 2GB of RAM and has an excellent battery life. The Note 2’s display is huge at 5.5-inches and is designed to be used in conjunction with Samsung’s S-Pen. Doodling, note taking, picture editing, and annotations are all possible with the Note 2’s stylus, which is one of the most precise digital pens on the market. Galaxy Note 2 helps you to be more productive with the right mix of Android apps and you can take the best out of it. Here are some free apps available for Galaxy Note 2 given below:

Soonr Scribble

Just like the name indicates, you can make use of the Note 2’s S-Pen in this app. When you open Soonr Scribble you will be able to write and edit documents in about 35 file formats, including Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel. This app even comes with inbuilt sharing feature which enables to share it with anyone you want instantly. This app is ideal for work, sketching down ideas, and sharing ideas with colleagues.

Touch Retouch 

This is a great photo editing app which you can get for your Note 2.  Touch Retouch offers a Photoshop functionality to your Galaxy Note 2 so that you can remove blemishes, touch up shots, and change the color settings of your pics.


Many people claim that the  built in stock photo app of  Galaxy Note 2 is really poor. You can download Quickpic for free from Google Play. The best fact about this application is that it loads faster than Samsung’s stock application, caches images, and comes with a multitude of quick sharing options.


This is an application that allows you to doodle text, voice by making use of Samsung’s S-Pen. You can also work with this app offline and scan barcodes. Catch will even allow you to share spaces so that you can conjointly work with people.

Animating Touch

You can now become an animator with this app. There are so many templates available for this app, infact you can create your own.  You can use the S Pen to move the hinges on characters between frames, and enjoy your animated piece of work when you press play. Download this app here

 Layer Paint

All Photoshop fans will definitely love this app. This app allows you to draw in layers, change canvas size and import images to edit when you go.  You can even export your images out as a Photoshop file once you are done. You need to make use of the S Pen to work on Layer Paint.

SignDoc Mobile

Sign Doc Mobile app is great for business professionals. It lets you to sign all PDF documents with your S Pen and send them right back via email.

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