Are you a a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S4 and you bought this phone as soon as it was launched in the market? If so,  You can find some cool accessories that helps you a lot while you use this smartphone. You can find a variety of cases and covers that can make your phone that keep your phone  safe and make it look more attractive.   Here are a few examples of cool accessories that’s  been designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S4 given below:

S Band
This is a wearable accelerometer which you can connect to your Galaxy S4 phone. It will give you a detailed report of all the exercises that you do. There is a pedometer inside this band that saves the updated S Health app information. The S Band will then send all the details to your phone like the amount of calories burnt or the number of hours you slept.

Apart from that there is also a monitor that checks your heart rate. It will send all such information to your smartphone giving a clear idea of how much effort you are taking. This handy accessory will help you to stay fit and healthy.

S Scale

This accessory helps you to check your weight precisely as part of your diet routine.

S View cover

This view cover has a cut-out section which allows you to look into your display without moving your phone from its protective case. It even helps you to answer calls when the S View cover is closed due to the cutout. You can see all the important information and notifications right at the top of the screen. These covers are available in a multitude of colors to suit your S4 phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Gamepad prototype

This accessory is still not available in the market but it is expected to release by May. It will allow you to control all the apps on your phone by using a conventional controller without the touchscreen. It will give a wonderful experience for all game addicts.

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