Some Online and Desktop Free English to Hindi TransliteratorsGetting things that we need at the right time doesn’t happen always. Few of the times when we are in search for something, it takes much of time until we get what we are looking for or what we have got in our mind. Last time when i had a fast transliteration to get done, I was looking for a conversion tool, obviously i was busy, couldn’t afford manual transliteration at that while. But the tool, it took a bit of a search until I could find something to match my need.

Here are few good online Hindi to English as well English to Hindi Transliterators. Good to make use of the desktop free or the online version. Though we have downloadable ones, the online transliteration tool is more efficient and the same time real time transliteration with no need to download or install an executable for the task of just few mins.


Easy use Hindi to English transliteration tool. Enter what you got to transliterate on the typing interface provided and soon after you have a word typed and you press enter, you have the text converted to Hindi.


Similar tool as the above. This one as well got typing interface where you can enter the words you have to transliterate and soon as you have the space bar pressed, the word you have entered gets converted to Hindi.

Google Transliterate

A Google labs product. Offers much big and a clear white typing interface, with no ads as you see with other webpages. From the top left, select Hindi from the the language chose drop down. After you have the language chosen, start to type and each space you press as you type will convert the word you entered transliterated to Hindi.

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