Some Online and Desktop Free English to Malayalam TransliteratorsOnce a while people like us would come across some kind of transliteration works. Doing it all by ourselves sure is time consuming and time is something we never can afford to go waste. When we have lot tools around to make our job easy, why spend long hours doing the job our own. But most of the times it’s hard to get to the right tool we need at the right time, can turn a bit frustrating as well. Last time when I wanted a tool to get a work done, I have to sit back and do few searches until I got hold of the one kind of tool I was looking for. So here goes few of the good tools I found. I’m sure this will be much useful when you are looking for desktop free English to Malayalam transliterators.

Now opting for online and desktop free versions is a great choice. We don’t need to run or install nothing on our computer. Cuts the need to wait for the download, installation and configuration. The online version would carry with it a simple interface and just that we need to paste what we need to translierate.

Malayalam Translator or Malayalam Converter

The site offers the kind of fast paced transliteration as most of us are looking for. Type in English any word and once you have the space bar pressed, the word gets transliterated.

Online Malayalam Translator

This one offers the same support as the above. Soon as you type in and press a space, the word you have typed gets converted to malayalam just in ease.

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