Blackberry Z10 have conquered the market within a short span of time. Apparently it’s been said that one million units of this new smartphone model has been sold so far. If you wish to add on more beauty and functionality to this phone you can get the following accessories:

Extended Battery Case

One of the weak points of Blackberry Z10 is it’s battery life. You can settle it down with this combination case and extended battery tat adds on an extra 3000 mAh of battery capacity which is almost triple times greater than the Z10’s battery life. This extended Battery case is very slim, and has a sleekish design. It will strongly clip to the corners of your Z10 and provides great protection to the rear and sides of your phone without spoiling it’s look.

Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle

This desktop cradle allows you to easily charge your Z10 and it will even act like a desk stand so that you can watch videos or play games. You can plug it into the MicroUSB and it will offer both charging and device synching in the cradle though no HDMI passthrough. The best part is that it will even work with all thin cases. You can purchase it here

BlackBerry Z10 Battery and Charging Bundle

You can plug your blackberry Z10 in to this battery charger that comes with the built-in cable, and you can insert a spare battery for continuous charging. This battery charger bundle is perfect for traveling purpose as its very lightweight.

BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell

There is a fold in the middle so that you can transform the cover to a comfortable stand when it isn’t protecting the screen. There is an impact-resistant plastic cladding that protects your phone from scratches when it’s not in use.

BlackBerry Premium 1.8A MicroUSB Car Charger

If you wish to use the GPS navigation functionality in your blackberry Z10 then sometimes there is a chance for the battery to go low. For such situations, BlackBerry Premium 1.8A MicroUSB Car Charger will be of great help and you will always arrive at your destination with more battery than you started with, instead of less.

BlackBerry 10 cases, Covers, Skins & Accessories from Case-Mate

Case-Mate has a good collection of sleek and stylish cases, covers and skins for your blackberry Z10 at affordable rates. You can even find customized and designer collections in the store.

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