The post series we are writing here is the resultant of wifi mesh network installations happening at Saidapet, Srinagar colony, Chennai. The mesh networks at Chennai is now up and running. We started load testing in the network and we will apply enhancements to the networks soon to boost signal strength and manage traffic.

The mesh products that I am planning to test out are

Meraki is a nice product and from my previous experiences with it, it has performed well. I myself have a meraki mesh running at my home. But their product is good only for the basic version. The version with more features are costly and their business plans are really sucks.

Meshcom provides firmwares for router manufacturers and operates in a different fashion compared to other mesh router companies. They are strong business wise and has got many tie ups in place. A few months back they had a windows mesh driver available on their site for free download. But now its not there. Now I am being asked to fill in a form. Anyways Ill look at it later.

Open-mesh is the Meraki killer
. It offers as many features as the Meraki with a lesser cost. If meraki is windows, open-mesh is linux. Meraki kind of cheated its fans. I was a hard core meraki fan. But now Im an open-mesh fan. The hosted interface for configuring open-mesh routers is really good and more and more features are being added daily.

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Yogitha, loves to write, on just about anything. Realising her passion not too late in life, she managed to complete her Masters in Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Currently, she works as a Technical Writer with Cognizant. A complete 'sitcom buff'', her current must see list has 'The Big Bang Theory' right on top!

25 comments on “Some wifi mesh products

  1. Loren Wolsiffer on said:

    I have been poking around this site after seeing referrals to our site from this page.

    I’m not sure why it is showing up as a referral but it brought me here anyway.

    We are developing our own self healing wifi mesh networks. Its all based on dd-wrt firmware. We made our ownspin off that has a scanner repeater.

    When you go to our site you will see is is mostly about our captive portal system.

    People are setting up semi large mesh networks with the WiFi Gator, by setting up series of 5 or more repeaters, etending the wifi range 1000 feet or more.

    The idea is to set up many repeaters on one internet connection and giving each of them a branded wifi captive portal.

    Just thought you might be interested



  2. Perry Shah on said:

    Hi Kenney,
    Question regarding OpenMesh. Do you know if they have the ability to do a Customer Billing portal similar to Meraki. That is one component I am very interested in as we would like to deploy this type of system across various MDUs. The users would have to pay a fee monthly to keep their WIFI connection…

    Thanks so much for this blog, it will be really help in getting started.


  3. Perry Shah on said:

    Can you please link me to your site. We are trying to make use of a single connection if at all possible in a 350+ unit housing complex.


  4. steven on said:

    Perry, the site that loren is mentioning is

  5. WIFIGATOR IS A BIG LIE on said:



  6. chuck hater on said:

    i agree whole heartedly with the previous comment. chuck has kluged together a bunch of open source software to make his wifigator product.

    for the last year, i, along with a bunch of really smart and generous people have been helping him develop wifigator, paying anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00 for his “not even close to ready for prime time” product, donating even more money to chuck because he was always whining about financial difficulties. chuck was one of the nicest and most generous people out there. he was always friendly, and helpful.

    but i swear, not 5 minutes after the product developed into something that was somewhat usable and free of major bugs (about 2 months ago), he shut down the forum, told me and everyone else that had been helping him build this community developed product, to get f*%cked, or as he puts it “we had to draw the line somewhere” yea, he drew the line at sharing the successful development of a product with anyone that helped build it.

    i went to him and asked a few pre-purchase questions before shelling out another $500.00 for an upgrade to my software, and he told me that he would not sell it to me, because i asked for upgrade pricing instead of paying full price again for an upgraded version. he said “this is a good time for us to part ways”

    anybody else want to start a class action suit?

  7. Chuck D on said:

    This is Chuck Dejarnett himself, and I am going to personally reply to this stupidity and you can take it for what it is..

    This guy Jeff Mapes is exactly the reason that I closed the original forum and stopped giving out the freebies.. He did not donate hundreds of dollars or development time as he states.. He donated $110 dollars over the full time we were building this system, and he did in fact get a copy of the software he paid for.. Now that we have finished the program, he is simply upset that he cannot keep getting free handouts.. Pretty basic..

    He says he helped us develop the code, but all I remember from him is a bunch of whining about wanting me to write un-ending code to build his business with no end in sight.. That is not helping me develop anything.. And I reserve the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason, and users and takers like this guy cannot be pleased at any price, which is why I told him not to even buy the new CD.. I do not want these people as customers.. So if you are reading this and believe this line of crap, then just keep right on moving or I will be telling you the same thing when you come along..

    Here is the actual email I sent him:
    Jeff.. This is Chuck DeJarnett.. I am going to jump in here and take care of this.. You are right, you do not own the code, but just the right to use it, so do not go buy the new CD, as I think this is a good place for us to part ways.. This is exactly the type of thing that caused me to shut down the old forum and users such as yourself in the first place, so I do not care to continue in the same manor into the future..

    I do not see your demands for never ending code and support and helping to develop anything. Now you think I owe you the latest release as an update.. That is ridiculous.. You got the code you paid for and I do not owe you anything further..

    Do not buy anything else from my website.. Thanks for your help in the past, but we are moving on now and you do not seem to be onboard with how things work around here, so take care..

    Chuck DeJarnett

    These are the type of idiots I have to deal with on a daily basis.. If you new people coming along are of the same mindset, then just keep moving on… I will not want to do business with you either..

    That is the real world I live in, and these whiners are EXACTLY the type of people who will continue to get the boot around here..


    Chuck DeJarnett

    p.s.: I also am publically available and not ashamed of who I am, but you can clearly see that these people want to remain anonymous as they start the bull-@#$%… Jeff Mapes is his real name, and he is just another person who wants us to work for free indefinitely, and when he ran out of freebies, now he is pissed..


  8. Mike Figurski on said:

    Wifigator has been great. We run a village wide free community content management system and web portal at Big White Mountain (a Canadian ski resort) and use pay per use wifi to finance it. After years of cobbling together expensive and fragile hotspot applications, wifigator has allowed me to get back to business (doctoring). Despite 6 months of abuse, with hackers, power surges, rogue APs, and all; it just keeps working.
    Thanks heaps Chuck.

  9. Russell on said:

    Since Wifi Gator should be free, can someome send me the iso. My email is

    I am willing to pay $50.00 for it

  10. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    Funny to see that Mister Dejarnett is always on fire! πŸ˜‰

    It seems that i’m not the only one claiming that you are a technical nut.

    did you solved all bugs discussed this summer on DD-WRT forum? (see below)

    becarefull with wifigator Iso, all bugs are known from hackers and to use this CD as it is, is the worst idea you could have in your whole life!

    Here was the bugs discussed on this summer 2009
    Root access to server allowed from web site…..
    Hotspot running on Wlan side without any iptable to protect your lan…
    Backbones based on repeater third SSID (=give a very slow wifi bandwidth)….Backbone SSID Wep Secured…One Radius secret for all radius clients…Every Admin access opened to port 80…a simple Repeter bridge router pointing to the Wifigator ssid breaking all the network and give a full and free Internet access …

    This was a big job for wifigator in summer 2009…did they finish???

    So As Chuck say and said, “I’m looking to your a.s! ” but we ve give him chance to solve the bugs we found in his system based on stolen code welded by chuck Plumbers team.

    Always same answer from CJ if you put is noze in is bullsheet…”You are the devil and he is the guy you stole money”, “You don’t give him enough money to have a clean software”, “because of your tells, wifigator lost thousand dollars”.

    I’m waiting the days where wifigator customers will discover they where robber by this tall guy and will decide to put their lawers to his “a.s”.
    This will be funny if they discovered they lost money because of his unknowledge of network security, and is as stupid as a teenager who leave his home forgeting to close his home door.

    You don’t make any important deal with a teenager (or a Five years old child) so why do you deal with CJ? If you want to have an Hotspot or an AAA server, don’t go to plumbers, go to Computing technician with a degree(almost a knowledge) in network security!

  11. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    So let’s alk about technical things….

    Wifigator first proposal is billing hotspot system based on Freeradius + Mysql database.

    Freradius have several configuration ways. If you decide to use mysql (this is the TG choice) you should save all important dates to the database.

    Wifigator give you the choice for three hotspot type: Free access, Tickets Access, and Paypal prepaid access.

    Usualy society which do this kind of work have a brainstorming concerning security and decide to have several access logins attached to different Nasid, it s easy if they choice freeradius + Mysql way and it is very secure for customers. there is a table in freeradius database call radlookupnas which make link between users profile and nasid in order that a user can not go from one hotspot to another (if it’s not the same owner, it ‘s logical). So if you don’t use this table this allow any users to have access to any hotspot support by your freeradius server. So logicaly if you have a direct free access that means that users dates are sent to freeradius by the captiv protal an hidden way. So this means that the users dates sent should be specific to the nasid and very secured.

    So what kind of person will decide to wright in user file of freeradius if he choice Mysql? What kind of person will decide to use the same users dates for all free access hotspot without using radlookupnas table? A pure Nut!

    So ladies and gentleman let me introduce you the winner of most unsecure hotspot system….CJ himself!

    just to inform is poor customers that until wifigator 3.0(and maybe after but i don’t check it myself) the user “fred” with password “barney” is used for all free access hotspot and is also available on the two other hotspot type support by WFG! πŸ˜€ that means if you use it you loose lot of cash due to this marvelous safety bugs!:(

    Yes Chuck use Mysql, but he also use Clients.conf and users file in freeradius….incredible! isn’t it? who is the nut? who is the robber? Who is a plumber, and who is a techie? πŸ™‚

    All clients have the same Radius secret. Claps hands! πŸ˜€

    How much did you pay for this??? hmm? πŸ™

    Yes i know i make a donation to get Enchilada, but even if i lost money i learn that to trust on this team is the worst thing to do! πŸ˜€

  12. @yzy-oui-fi
    fred and barney are default global users and should be changed by you for your own security. Just like you would change the default login of admin and admin, There are some things that the user really needs to change themselves.

    Clients.conf is no longer used and when it was there were no issues.

    Radius secret is really not a secret and is only blowback from the old dial up days. This poses no security issues.

    radlookupnas table is unique to WiFi Gator and extends our reporting service by relating users to a specific NASID.

    WiFi Gator is secure and some of the previous comments really do not make any sense from a programming perspective.

    We have a huge client base and we have not had any complaints from any of our clients as yzy-oui-fi suggests.

    Just my 2c

  13. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    Here is the reason of WIFIGATOR forum closing…

    In summer, Infobarquee, Marc Champagne and Myself have contribute to a thread in dd-wrt Forum about Wifigator Bugs. Firstly it was about the firmware based on dd-wrt. Then whe ve discussed about the standalone server which was sold by Chuck.

    We all have payed for an enchilada or wifigator Iso. We all(firstly) buy it hoping we are gonna win time using it instead of setting it from opensources

    As we are not nuts and have some good knowledge in Wireless network architecture, PHP, MMysql and Freeradius, we have discover all incredible bugs put in this iso and decide to give the information to our collegues.

    The true reason of WFG forum Closing is because we have told CJ that is so stupid and feneant that he gave most of this security code to every one who want to read it directly to the forum.

    Then he bet with one of us the iso pay back if we are abble to hack his server….We Won, several time due to the security bugs number in it.

    So this guy became a little bit nervous a

  14. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    then he decide to leave dd-wrt project for robin openmesh project. As his nature was shown to every one he don’t have any other solution to find new person to get more money…

    So my advice is: don’t listen to this snake !


  15. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    here is some opensource package which allow you to built an AAA server compatible with chillispot:


  16. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    CJ which seems to have as deep knowledge in wireless network as radius software….

    Universal Repeater is not a mesh network node.

    A mesh network node is able to manage simultaneous wireless links (i.e: WDS, ADHOC). A repeater node manage one link at the time in is client side!

    A mesh network is roaming enable. A repeater is not !

    stop kidding

    If you really need professional support don’t go to CG and TG!

  17. jmaloy5365 on said:

    Ya, WifiGator was stolen from the DD-WRT forums. I didn’t contribute anything but I was there. It was called chillidog or wifichillidog or something like that.

    Here’s proof that it was..”at bottom”

  18. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    To be honest i think some guy’s from TG was on Chillidog project.

    But the fact is that this DVD-Iso call Wifigator is a copy of Ez-gator mix with chillidog and unfortunatly undebug. when i see the price they sell this dvd I’m laughing! When i see scripting syntax error in their firmware…that make me LOL! and more funny is that i’m sure second name’s Chuck is Narcice(if you look at him on You tube playing the teacher ;))

    Hope that guys from robbin mesh will have a look to this and even if they don’t care what we say, i hope they will become more suspicious with this gang of robbers!

  19. yzy-oui-fi on said:


    Sorry i didn’t noticed you post something….

    Ok i think you are a Php developper, so why it isn’t issue from a generate code(fred, barney)?

    And even if you change this user and pass, all freehotspot host on this server has the same user and password, and even if should change it, i should do it in the php code also. For me it’s not a problem but i’mnot sure that the goal customers of wifigator are all enable (or want) to play with php code. for the price of this iso, i think it could be done automaticly.

    Anyway, Changing this username and password is not enough, because the worst is to come….Fred,Barney or what ever you change will be enable on every captiv portal host by this server, and as the login request is made with an http string (no ssl), a man-on-the-middle attack could give you the Castle key.

    to be honest i’m happy that some of our remarks makes you (TG) grow a little (ie: don’t give all your secure code in a public forum) πŸ˜‰

    if i have to choice between WFG and let say, for example…Worlspot or Hotspologin….I think i prefere a payshare to have more security…..I don’t have to do this choice, i have my own Wifi billing system and it’s probaly the best choice i could make.

  20. yzy-oui-fi on said:


    As far as i know about TG policy Complaining customer are fired from forum and don’t get any support. So, this is the reason you never see your Customer claim!

    Loren you seem to be a normal person, i’d look at your website, it’s seems you are a good guy, why are you still commited with this team???

  21. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    ho, i forget one important thing….

    If you are looking for a secure WIFI billing software i’ve made My own, and I’m able to host your captiv portal for a cheap cost without paysharing and if you are in France i can provide you a complete server then you could do your own buisness.

    here is the link :

  22. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    Sorry not a security fail, just a php syntaxe mistype πŸ˜‰

  23. yzy-oui-fi on said:


    in order to help person who already get wifigator standalone server to secure the 199$ they invest(we sometime should think of all this poor customers…), we have open a facebook group where you will find some information about how to dsecure your WFG server by your self

    note : there is no sensitiv information on it so you should already bought wfg server to really understand the purpose.

  24. Announcement! Finally, we are proud to announce that Wifigator is officially obsolete. The official release is available at The latest version includes a one-touch firmware flashing tool, one-touch server update, and more. When you are on the cutting edge of an industry, things move pretty fast. It’s unfortunate, but Wifigator is old news so we moved on.

  25. yzy-oui-fi on said:

    I’m proud to announce Wifigator is Up, I’m proud to announce that Wifigator Team opened their eyes and finaly discussed with me in order to seure their system an higher level.

    the back door install by CD to nuke customers (yes you read it right) have been removed. Partnership with Oregon Micro Science is now fully ended, of course.

    hmm, sorry wifi4u2 but your link seems to be broken. This is not really serious for someone who claim to be on the top of the industry. πŸ™‚

    Anyway i don’t know why you said that wifigator is obsolete, as you used the wifigator mx kernel with openmesh to create your suite….If it is obsolete, why do you use it?

    In fact Wifigator is far to be obsolete, it is now moving to the future, and is able to handle more than 4 hotspots without any issue….

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