It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, however a little sound can add more emotion to the pic. Speaking Photo is the latest mobile application for iPhone and it is available in eight languages; English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. This app  allows you to add sound to any photo, thereby letting you to tell a story right with the image which you can you share it with friends on social networking sites. The finished photo/videos can also be shared on YouTube.

Speaking Photo grew out of a desire to capture the sweet and fleeting sound of children’s voices –- something home videos tend to diminish,” explains Dawn Davis Founding Partner and CEO of Speaking Photo. “From there, we realized that capturing stories, and the emotions behind them, was extremely meaningful. It quickly became apparent that this App can be used in many creative, fun and compelling ways, by people all over the world,” she added.

Speaking Photo is available in the App Store in three different versions.  First one is  Speaking Photo Lite, this app allows the users to shoot, speak, and share a photo in real-time. There is also a 99  percent iPhone version that allows you to annotate images directly  from your camera roll and create slideshows of up to five photos. There is also a $2.99 iPad version which you can use on iPad’s large screen.

Apart from localizing the language, severe changes have been made to the App’s user interface like registration, store and support giving you complete experience in your local  language.

You can download this app directly from the iTunes store or on your mobile device. Click the link below for downloading this app

Speaking photo app allows you to create an animated series of many photos at once for getting  some unique effects. All the audio comments that you give will add more detail to a pic.

Soon after you take a photo, an audio record function will appear on your screen. Record a short audio clip describing the photo and hit ‘Save.’ From there, you can select to review your saved audio pics, upload them to your Facebook or YouTube account, send them to the Speaking Photo website, or just share them with friends through email.

Speaking Photo comes with a pleasing professional layout. You can find the main buttons at the bottom of the screen. Taking photos is just like the same format as the stock iOS camera also.

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