Today while I was stumbling I came to know about an online image editing tool. I just do couple of things what I can do with Adobe’s Photoshop what say splashup is the real photoshop online. I used the Adobe Express before, but I strongly suggest splashup is the best image editing tool available online. The application is giving more importance to Flex action script than server side scripts, so that it will create more user friendliness.

You can directly start a project without even having an account with splashup, however creating an account at splashup add more to us. As it have seamless integration with popular photo sharing sites, so that we can take photos from the photo sharing sites. Lots of tools are there with splashup viz crop, In canvas text editing, re sizable windows panels, layering concepts, heavily improved work flow etc. You can capture image from camera which may be a webcam, USB camera etc.

The company behind splashup is Faux Labs. Don’t be baulked to try this tool I would say its will give you value for your time. Please go through this tour. If you register an account at splashup you can save your work and lot more features are there.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

3 comments on “Splashup:- The real Photoshop online

  1. This is really good time. 🙂
    Editing pictures as in a localpc. 🙂

  2. speedyeoh on said:

    Thanks. This is the best tools to me…does the system work same with photoshop?

  3. Sanil S on said:

    @Speedyeoh: Yes does support almost all features.

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