I am going to explain one coolest video conferencing software on web, ekkotv. One of the attractive feature is that there is no need of a login to initiate chat conversation. You can enter into group chat with your 2 friends provided the nicknames. When you start a conversation you are entitled with a URL, You can share the URL to your friends for group chat.

The main feature is the application record the web cam audio and video, broadcast to your 2 friends from web browser, however the broadcasting is pretty sluggish I appreciate the application since it record web cam video and audio from a web browser. The recording application is developed in flash and asp.net. I guess the media server used in the backend will be RED5, because Adobe’s media server is pretty costly.

You can start the video conferencing now just enter a nickname and start conference. The URL entitled with you is shared to your friends using any medium like gtalk, yahoo IM or email. The application is lacking one main feature, we can’t invite your chat friend directly since there is no login session instead sharing a URL, so we need to use some other software for sharing the URL.

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4 comments on “Start your video conference :- use ekko.tv

  1. I am currently using OovoO.
    Its good quality video.
    Let me try this now.

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  3. Benefits of Video Conferencing on said:

    The first time when I used the video conferencing I was really nervous about how do I look or how do I speak through the equipment, but it was a great feeling.

  4. conference software on said:

    Conferencing software is the latest in global communication. The costs to any company can be cut dramatically in using this kind of tool. I use conferencing software and it has changed the way I do business online. I highly recommend this as a major step forward with any business, large or small.

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