Steve Jobs was a brilliant entrepreneur with many lessons that can be learned from his successes and failures. Here are the top seven lessons to take away from his lifetime.

1. Experts are not the be all, end all.

Any expert in any field, whether it is journalism, banking or consulting are little more than advisers for projects. They can look at a product and tell you what’s wrong, but designing a great product is beyond their scope. They’re not able to design the product so you should listen to their input, but always go about your project as your gut instinct tells you to do so.

2. Customers are unable to express their needs.

Market research for Apple has always been an oxymoron. Customers want what’s faster, better, and cheaper in the sense that they want the same thing but done better and faster, and hopefully for a cheaper price. The best place to start for tech start-ups is creating a product you yourself wants to use.

3. Stay ahead of the curve.

You’ll be one step ahead of the competition by recognizing openings in the field and jumping on these opportunities, rather than letting them slide by. Technology is about upgrading, so make people upgrade with your ideas.

4. Design always matters.

Design always mattered to Steve Jobs and it should matter to you as well. While many people believe that white is white and there’s nothing more to a hamper than storing clothes, creating functional design can wow customers into loving your creation.

5. Price doesn’t dictate value.

Price is not all that matters to some people, as most people are generally willing to pay more for a creation that functions well and integrates into their daily lives than something that could be seen as a third wheel for cheap. Keep this in mind when pricing any creation.

6. Hire and work with the best.

You should be able to recognize the best talent in the field when you see it. Strive to have these people on your team, working for you so that you can innovate better than the competition. Better talent means more original ideas.

7. Perform well in public.

Despite Steve’s professionalism and often haughty attitude, it’s this very attitude that made him so popular with consumers. His ultimate goal was to ship the best product possible and consumers knew this. This is the reason many people flocked to him, because they expected an innovative

Pat Lindle is a lifelong Steve Jobs fan.  He utlizes only Apple products in his metal deck / steel decking business without exception.  Pat lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and 3 children.

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