Steve Jobs made his mark on the world as the man that helped start Apple Computers. But it was for the innovative transition from Apple Computer to just Apple Inc. that Jobs will be most remembered. After Steve Jobs had conquered the world of home computers, he set his sights on consumer electronics. By the time Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, he had developed a business model that completely revolutionized the way that companies market consumer electronics to a very eager public.

Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers in 1976 when Jobs was only 21 years old. Steve Jobs was not interested in the technology the company was inventing, he was interested in how that technology could change the world. In 1984, Steve Jobs presided over the introduction of the Apple Macintosh computer. The company used one of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials in history to launch what would become a computing empire.

Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketing professional, but he was an erratic manager and often overly emotional. In 1985, Apple CEO fired Steve Jobs from the company Jobs had started just nine years earlier. In true Steve Jobs fashion, he purchased an animation company called The Graphics Group in 1986. The Graphics Group would eventually be renamed Pixar and strike up a very lucrative agreement with the Walt Disney Company.

During his time away from Apple, Jobs started a new computer company called NeXT Computers. In 1996, Apple purchased NeXT and brought Jobs back into the fold. Jobs immediately went to work pioneering the research that would eventually lead to the invention of the touchscreen cellular device known as the iPhone. Jobs created a music download service called iTunes that has gone on to become one of the largest providers of online music on the Internet.

Jobs also helped to market other products such as the handheld multimedia device known as the iPod and, eventually, the tablet computer known as the iPad. Apple was struggling when Jobs came back on board in 1996, and Jobs is credited with saving Apple from bankruptcy and making it into a multi-billion dollar corporate giant.

It was known since 2004 that Jobs was fighting pancreatic cancer. Jobs had surgery to remove a tumor from his pancreas and went on an experimental diet designed to combat pancreatic cancer. It seemed like he was winning the fight until he appeared at the annual Apple World Developers Conference in 2006 looking very thin and frail. Rumors surfaced that Jobs was fighting cancer again, but Apple and Jobs denied the rumors.

In August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned his post as CEO of Apple. He cited health reasons for his departure but would not elaborate. He died on October 5 and leave behinds a legacy in consumer electronics that makes him one of the most significant figures in the history of corporate America.

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