Mother’s Day is that one day of the year when you get a chance to appreciate what your mom has done for you for her lifetime. You can choose some gifts that make her feel special. Tech gifts are perfect for mother’s day as it makes her life easier. It shows her how much you care for her. Here are a few tech gifts which you can give your mom for the coming Mother’s Day given below:

Koubachi Wifi Plant Sensor

If your mom is fond of gardening and she loves plants then you can gift her this unique gift. It works in conjunction with your iPhone and the sensors will tell you what a plant needs for optimal health. It finds out the humidity, temperature and light intensity which helps your mom to give maximum care for the plant. You can stick the sensor into the soil next to your indoor or outdoor plant. Your mom will definitely appreciate this gift ideas as she loves plants like anything. It costs $150 and you can buy it from here

Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom is a person who always carry a book in her bag wherever she goes, then the idea of gifting her an e-reader is  perfect. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is very tiny and it will fit comfortably in your mom’s bag.  It’s backlight screen is very comfortable to read on and your mom can adjust the font size according to her preference.  It  has a vast library of titles which you can quickly download through  Wi-Fi, or 3G. Your bookworm mom will love this gift for sure. The price of Kindle Paperwhite is $119

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

When your mom was young, there was no digital cameras, she might have photos that were taken on film and developed in a lab. If she still have kept  some old negatives safely in your home, then it’s a good idea to develop it further. For this you can get her a Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. This device can transfer all your old photos onto the PC. It works with a smartphone, all you need is to insert the phone and the film. The scanner magnifies and backlights the image so you can capture it with the phone.The price of this scanner is $76.

 DreamBots WheeMe

Your mom just love to visit a spa for a massage when she is dam’n tired. Why don’t you give her a unique massaging gadget?  DreamBots  WheeMe is a robotic massager that provides rejuvenation for your mom right at your home. It has  a built-in tilt- and edge-sensing technology that makes sure the unit stays on her back without falling off. The soft-spiked wheels provide a gentle 15 minute massage. She can choose from different massage modes like a vibrating massage,  a tickling massage that uses the included attachment for a delicate sweeping sensation.  The price of this gadget is US$99 and you can buy it from here!buy-now/c95w

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