This is a cool service that allow us to use temporary email address for some registration. I will describe a scenario where this application is useful. Suppose you want to read some information, but for reading you need a registration. When we register they will send confirmation email to email address given. They may use this email address to sent there newsletter/advertisements. Sometimes this may be annoying for us. Situation like this can be avoided by using temporary email service.

10 Minute Mail is such service that allow us a temporary email that will expires in 10 minutes time. The emails sent in 10 minutes time will be received and shown in the page. In the case of registrations the confirmation email will receive are shown in the web page. The process of creating temporary email address is simple as clicking this link, and click on the link labeled “Get my 10 Minute Mail e-mail address” you will get a temporary email address that is valid of 10 minutes.

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    you can get junk mail on

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