Last week, Facebook has announced that Instagram will be getting a video capturing and sharing feature. This new feature will be available for both android and iOS. Millions of Instagram users all across the globe are fully excited about this new experience that Facebook is bringing for it. However there is a question that stands out, Is Instagram similar to Twitter’s video sharing app “Vine”? The answer is that you will find both the experiences different. Take a look at the differences spotted below and you can judge which one is better:

How it works?

You can shoot in Vine for about six seconds and it plays in a continuous loop. When you are shooting you can even pause and reposition your camera. Vine is all about creativity in a limited time span. You can add hash tags to your videos and share it on Twitter or Facebook.

In Instagram you can shoot a video with a duration up to 15 seconds. For instance, minimum 3 seconds without the looping business. The best part is that it even comes with editing option, you can choose from 13 filter options.


The recording interface is very simple; you can find a video viewer, a timeline, and a button to swap between rear- and front-facing cameras (for iOS only). For recording, all you have to do is tap and hold anywhere onscreen, and you can fill up the 6-second time window with clips accordingly. The main weak point is that if you make a mistake somewhere in the middle of your recording, then you will have to start once again.

On desktop, Vines can be muted whereas it’s not possible for Instagram videos.

Privacy: Whatever you share on Vine is visible to the general public, whereas in Instagram you can opt to hide what you want from the public. You can share it only with your friends if you wish. Instagram’s privacy settings also won’t change with the introduction of video. Vine allows embeds wheras Instagram videos can be viewed only in the Facebook-owned universe, Vine videos can made live anywhere on the web.

Finding Out The Videos:  When compared to Instagram, it’s quite easy to discover new videos in Vine. Its Explore screen includes Editor’s Picks, popular videos, and trending hashtags. You can click on any option and discover numerous videos that suits your taste. It’s quite difficult in Instagram, to filter the video content from static photos. You can try searching for the hashtag “#video” but there’s no assurance that you’ll filter out the stills.

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