Nowadays thinking about deciding on a password takes a bit long time. Isn’t it? It asks for numbers, character strength, remembering questions and many other formalities! Don’t want to get hacked right? Here comes some of the best Android apps to save passwords!

Keeper Password & Data Vault

A great Android app to store all apps in your mobile wallet! Does it look interesting and cool? This apps is guaranteed and secured by a master password ensuring full protection. Keeper sounds very simple as it asks you to keep each entry in a folder with title, notes, separate log ID and password. Keeper keeps a record of it in a code and this app remembers it throughout! If the password entered is wrong even the fifth time, depending on the setting of the app, the data is dumped making your password safe! A secure app to save and store your personal info and password!The Best Android Apps To Save Passwords

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Password Safe Pro

Enables you to store your password and data in a backup folder. This app is kind of a trial version which only provides you with 10 display cards. You could easily unlock the trial version using a licence key from and get to unlimited access. If not done under right instructions chances are there that phone may get affected!The Best Android Apps To Save Passwords

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 Android Wallet Password Manager

Stores your personal data, credentials, credit card details, banking details, e-banking passwords, etc. This keeps your password safe and the editor in the app helps you to change the credential data and save it under custom icons. It can be called one of the free financial Android app which does its tasks neatly. The data gets erased off if there is any unauthorized of multiple access to your data!The Best Android Apps To Save Passwords

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mSecure Password Manager

Keep your data safe and secure using mSecure password manager. This app doesn’t let anyone access your password and its perfectly safe! Don’t worry if your digital wallet is lost as this app in your phone safely secures all your log in details and prevents any access! It wipes off the data keeping password secure!The Best Android Apps To Save Passwords

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Stores and keeps your password secure in your Android gadget. This app manager stores your password viastrong cryptographic algorithms such as AES and SHA256. This app also includes a password generator!The Best Android Apps To Save Passwords

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