User interfaces—

It is the way we interact with devices and technologies that have evolved a lot over the years.

From the punch cards to monitors, mouses, and keyboards, all the way to the track pad, voice recognition, touch interfaces for phones and tabs to make ordinary people to do extraordinary things on devices. Interfaces have progressed rapidly in current times and will go for more in coming times. Some futuristic interfaces are mentioned below which will blow your mind.

Gesture Interfaces:

User-interface where spatial motions of body parts (hands etc.) are detected so seamlessly. Remember the movie Minority Report where wearing a pair of futuristic gloves, Tom Cruise is seen performing various gestures to manipulate images, videos, and datasheets on his computer system.
In gesture recognition, the input comes in the form of hand or other bodily motion to perform computing tasks, which to date are still input via device, touch screen or voice. The addition of the z-axis to our existing two-dimensional UI will undoubtedly improve the human-computer interaction experience. Just imagine how many more functions can be mapped to our body movements.

Gesture User InterfaceSuch techniques are already being used in Gaming technologies like Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect etc.

Augmented Reality (AR):

It’s the medium of interaction with a real-world environment in real-time.AR makes use of your natural surroundings to create mobile user interfaces where you can interact with by projecting displays onto walls, surfaces and even your own hands.For e.g. Google Glass which isa wearable eyeglass that let the user toview virtual extensionsof reality with which you can interact. Watching through this Glass over objects, buildings and your surroundings will give you useful information. For e.g. when you come across a signboard written in different language, the glass translates them for your easy reading.

Augmented realityAnother project with augmented reality consists of a display within a contact lens. The eye-brain interaction is much faster than a high-speed internet connection—and the eye can perceive more than we realize.These contact lenses can display images, words, and other information in front of the eye. It’s likely that these contact lenses will be the display for a separate control unit (such as a smartphone).

Augmented reality in lensDigital Paper and Digital Glass:

Digital paper is a flexible, reflective type of display that uses no backlighting and simulates real paper quite well. And they don’t require any power except when changing the display at rapid rate, so have a very long battery life in devices that use it. On the other hand Digital glass is a transparent display that resembles a standard LCD monitor.
The real paper may get replaced one day by these Flexible e-papers. Unlike their rigid counterparts, e-paper are as flexible and thin as real paper. This type of display will become popular for reading newspapers or other large-format content in the future.

Digital GlassElectronic newspaper with changing news and picture will be the future.

Digital PaperBrain-Computer Interface:

Imagine controlling a computer purely by thought (or, more accurately, brain impulse), and this is what Brain-Computer interface does using some direct brain implants, helmets, and headbands that capture and interpret brain impulse.So one could turn lights on or off without having to step out of your bed in the morning, to helping army people having interaction merely by their thoughts, to the idea of having an ultimate gaming experience that response to your mood (via brainwaves), the potential for such an awesome UI is practically limitless.

Brain computer interfaceBrain computer interface BandVoice User Interface:

It consists of voice as commands to control a computer. Voice search is handy if you’re trying to look something in a hurry or while driving. At the rate that smartphones capabilities are expanding, it’s just a matter of time before VUI takes center stage as the primary form of human-computer interaction for any computing system.The most recent VUI, SIRI can be seen in Apple’s iOS which has voice recognition function to perform tasks.

Voice User Interface - SiriIf you have Android phone, you’re probably already familiar with Google’s Voice Search feature.Google Voice for Android

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