Digital reading devices have changed the way people read as well as turned the entire publishing industry on its head. The two top contenders are The Kindle and The Nook offering similar and a varying of features. Compare the two leaders in this industry to figure out what works best for you.


The design of these two devices has morphed considerably. Currently the most recent models are the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. However there are five other versions of the Kindle and one of the Nook available at varied pricing. o The Kindle Fire now has a touch screen which, at its inception and for several models thereafter only offered a tangible keyboard. However, now that this design only has one button, the on/off switch, it is located in a difficult spot along the bottom which has some users complaining that they inadvertently shut it off now and again. o The Nook Tablet as a touch screen with iPad like capability. It has an easy access ‘n’ button that easily takes you wherever you need to go such as the home screen, settings or web.


Each device comes with a seven inch screen however the Nook offers their VividView(TM) feature which they claim delivers a full clarity, no air gap experience with reduced reflection and indoor or outdoor no glare reading capability. The Kindle however offers a “chemically strengthened” screen that is twenty times stiffer and thirty times harder than plastic for ultimate durability.

Total Size and Weight

The Nook is slightly larger but actually weighs less than the Kindle. o The Kindle Fire measures: 7.5″ height x 4.7″ width x 0.45″ deep and weighs 14.6 oz. o The Nook Tablet measures: 8.1″ height x 5.1″ width x 0.48″ deep and weighs 14.1 oz.

Memory, Storage and Servers

The Nook Tablet comes with more memory and storage however because the Kindle is linked with Amazon, the number one online shopping network, it touts many more available books, apps and games. The Nook, linked to Barnes and Noble is slowly attaining more titles. o The Nook Tablet offers an impressive 1GB of RAM with 16GB (up to 32GB with additional SD card) of storage. o The Kindle Fire comes in at 512 MB of RAM and 8GB of storage.


Both models offer wireless wireless Internet capability. Keep in mind that the higher priced versions do not infiltrate your reading experience with advertising pop-ups. The lesser priced models have advertising (that’s why they cost less).


The Nook Tablet wins with 11.5 battery hours of reading while the Kindle Fire comes in at 8 hours.

Other Features

Both play music, videos (7.5 hours of battery each), include color, apps, games and more similarities.

Overall, it looks like the Kindle still leads due to its enormous library and its $50 less price ($199 vs. $249). However if you are patient, the Nook is a close second and rising.


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